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This workshop helps you identify your PERSONAL POTENTIAL and your environment. The program also helps you understand stereotypes and biases and methods to defy them. The program is for women leaders who want to make a difference to the organisation or society at large. If you are aspiring to be a leader or want to step into larger realm of leadership opportunity where you could become part of Senior leadership, you can start now to build the resolute skills and competence that you would need.The program helps you get the insight and skills on following:

 1.  Long Term Vision & Mission & Purpose

 2. Communication Across hierarchies

 3. Strategic use of your Potential and talents

 4. Your Personal USP

 5. Power of Network

 6.Your Lasting Legacy Statement 


  • Create your personal STRATEGIC GROWTH PLAN

  • Manage your personal -professional and success journey GPS

  • Value and belief clarification

  • Contemplate your "BOARD OF ADVISORS'' -Mentors -Coaches -Sponsors

  • Discover your "Who am I?" set of rules

  • Assemble your "Purpose Tapestry" statement

  • Choose your "Impact"

  • Put your purpose into action with the next steps

  • Create purpose statement and scorecard

  • Create your Network and Support Group for Fun and Secure Fall backs

Women make up half the world's population, and an increasing number of women are entering the workforce every year. However, from being recruited  to earning promotions, women face barriers throughout the workplace. In spite of the discussions about diversity and inclusion in organizations, women in leadership roles are still in the minority. They receive fewer opportunities than their male counterparts to showcase their full potential, and  have to work harder and prove themselves repeatedly as they work their way up to senior positions.


Discussions on the importance of diversity and inclusion practices in organizations have been widespread in recent  years . They sound great, but  there's been little action. The reasons are that these practices typically are drafted only to meet regulatory norms or ,in some cases, are poorly funded.

Apart from Organizational initiatives, Women too  need to implement structured systems and practices to MOVE glass ceilings and make space for themselves. If this is not done, women may fail to live their true growth potential. Focused training and coaching initiatives can also help.

This program helps you to create an environment and ecosystem where you can shift the GLASS CEILING to make space for yourself and your team members.

Online Workshop -4 hours crash course 

Course Fee -INR 1000/-

Program Webinar -on Zoom Every First Sunday of the Month 

Complimentary for all Participants -2 E-Books & Weekly Video Series for a Year

To REGISTER  SMS 'I AM IN'  @ 9538111556 or write to

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