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The Power of Organisational Behaviours


Why do people make such interesting decisions? How can I influence the behaviours of my future and current customers? OB is a science-driven approach to understanding why people make decisions.

Aligning the science of decision-making with human behaviour results in a powerful framework in which leaders can create experiences and services which resonate with those they serve. Think about it; at any given moment, we are engaged in some type of decision-making, which results in a variety of emotions and expectations. By understanding customer behaviours we can accelerate growth, engagement and client satisfaction.

Participants Will Learn:

  • Why Leaders make decisions they do.

  • How to change behaviours within and organisation for better client satisfaction. 

  • Essential Frameworks for Behaviour management within an organisation

  • How to influence people’s environment to create behaviour changes.

Who Should Attend:

  • Leaders and supervisors

  • Human resource professionals

  • Anyone interested in learning about the power of behaviour management

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Dr. Sonali Dutta Baanerjee expertise is at the intersection of behaviour design and innovation. Her academic background includes a doctorate in English Literature, mastery in coaching, as well as a research and diploma in training & performance improvement. She has completed a variety of postdoctoral training, including Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets at Harvard University’s. Alumni of Jadavpur University, ICoach Academy Sonali Specialises on Behaviour management and enhancement for organisations.  Not only is she certified as a Registered Corporate Coach and a Professional for Learning and Development but she also holds certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming from NFNLP US.

Sonali has created and delivered training to organisations and agencies such as the Infosys, Macmillan, Hewlett Packard, Sapient and other Fortune organisations.


Success Studios helps foster the culture of innovation needed to stay competitive in today’s modern, ever-changing market. Applies innovative techniques and approaches to achieve immediate engagement and growth. And enhances the connection between behaviour design and human-centric design. Focus is on Behavioural and Leadership development.

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