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Our Time Management Training Program is designed to help employees significantly improve productivity by learning to manage time more efficiently. Moreover, effective time management is one skill that is critical for all leaders. This skill also plays a critical role in one's ability to manage stress. Hence it is a part of our Leadership training and our Stress management training

Time management training is dedicated towards training people to plan and exercise conscious control over time spent on various activities. This helps in the overall increase of effectiveness, output and competence of an individual.

By applying the skills taught in our Time Management Training you can optimize your efforts to ensure that you are able to optimise your efforts and achieve your goals. Time and self management are linked with each other.


  • To Understand the time aspects       

  • To manage time proficiently    

  • To use various time management tools               

  • To manage self and time as two sides of same coin and keep honing the skills   

  • Formulating goals using powerful goal setting techniques

  • Tools to plan your work 

    • To-Do-Lists

    • Prioritizing tools - Time Management Matrix

    • Scheduling your day 

    • Getting organized 

  • Delegating

  • Learning to say 'NO'

  • Dealing with difficult tasks 

  • Maximizing the available time 

  • The importance of right attitude 

  • Use of technology in time management 

  • Managing stress by effectively managing time

For any professional management team time is an essential currency...


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