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Entrepreneur Success
Innovation for Value creation
Global exposure in business
Business through creativity
Creating a strong network

This workshop provides an introduction to the experience of being an entrepreneur. It is grounded in the belief that the capabilities of entrepreneurship will be critical to every manager´s future career, whether he or she chooses to create a new venture or become a corporate manager.

Upon its completion, participants should be able to recognize the fundamental features of the entrepreneurial mindset, behaviors and skills, and understand the central role of creativity and observation in identifying and developing entrepreneurial opportunities either as standalone businesses or social enterprises, or as part of a larger corporation.

Specific components of the program include:

Workshop on creating and developing entrepreneurial opportunities;

Group exercise in observing real customer needs and thinking of solutions;

Class and group discussions;

Group presentations.

Event includes following:


2. Financial Model of the Business

3. Talks by successful business men and prospective clients

4.Marketing & Digital media -PR for the business

5.Networking for business

6. Roadvmapping for the business success

Sonali Dutta

Principal Facilitator and Success Coach

Sonali comes with 24+ years of experience in Human resource, training and executive coaching.

This program enables you to run your business successfully irrespective of your current credential. 

We help you set up your level 1 of process, procedures,people and practice for your business. 

Entrepreneurship academy is both for first time entrepreneurs and also business men who are struggling to manage growth of their business. 

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