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Success Studios Train-the-Trainer program has been designed to augment the skills of experienced trainers to facilitate change in their participants/organization and to develop a high-trust, high energy, high- performance culture amongst the employees.

The best trainings are a result of a trainer spending hours on research, design and practice. Keeping information fresh and reinforcing new learning is a constant challenge for trainers. This TTT program helps the target audience surmount the challenge and create a formula for successful training programs. As a professional a trainer’s prime responsibility is to empower and enable his participants master a behavioral or a technical competency. Skill and will building is an objective of any successful training program. Process, behavioral or leadership trainings all need the trainer’s potential to engage and connect effectively with the target audience for best business results. At SS we believe that every training program needs an optimum blend of education and entertainment, else the session becomes drudgery. 

In SS T3 Workshop we engage the trainers to soak themselves in the fundamentals of training philosophy, so that they are authentic and confident in their session. We also customize the sessions as per the needs of the TA. We aim to bring about a paradigm shift in the way the training delivery model works, thereby empowering the training fraternity. A combination of training science and theatrics essentials helps the trainer better master the training practice.


- To facilitate knowledge effectively         
- To facilitate a learner centric program      
- To master usage of AV and other tools                 
- To facilitate conscious competence           
- To establish long lasting relationship              
- To understand 6 trainer essentials          
- To master art of story telling                      
- To Practice feed-forward                       
- To be a role model to TA                                   
- To build trust and credibility            

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