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This course is designed to help delegates become more influential, persuasive and successful in the workplace.

Run in a practical and fun environment, the training develops the delegates’ ability to successfully collaborate with others, at different levels in their organisation. Importantly, delegates learn effective persuasion skills to achieve more of their desired outcomes.

  • Develop effective influencing skills in a variety of situations

  • Improve their ability to overcome resistance in others

  • Respond to diverse personalities using a variety of communication styles and bargaining powers

  • Emulate the Best Practices 

  • How to use Psychology to influence and create lasting impact

  1. Impact of a Powerful Communicator

  • How your behaviour impacts on your chances of success when trying to influence others

  2. My Personal Impact

  • Understanding the power of having strong personal impact to confidently influence others

  3.Communicating with Impact

  • Using rapport building techniques, and persuasion and influencing skills to create a positive impact

  4.Influencing Strategies

  • Using a self assessment you will consider the impact of your preferred style of influencing

  5. Building Relationships

  • How to use Johari Window to develop your internal and external networks

  6. Handling Questions

  • How to deal with the resistance you face from others

  7. Influencing Planner

  • Preparing yourself to influence others in the future

  8.Action Plan

  • How will you influence more effectively and create greater impact in the future.

  9. The training will be supported with:

  • An optional participant pre-course questionnaire and/or pre-course reading

  • A colour printed workbook with coaching tips, techniques and space for personal notes


Online Workshop -4 hours crash course with certificate  -INR 3000/- Per person

2Days on Campus Program - INR 50,000/- (For 15 Participants)

1*1 Coaching Customised as per need. 

For a Proposal for your Team feel free to write to us at - 

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