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Vocational Coach Training Program (ACSTH)

This Coach Certification is a ICF guideline program. 

Accredited Coach Specific Training for those wanting to focus on their Niche, with the option to pursue ACC via ACSTH pathway

The Vocational Coach Program is Accredited Coach Specific Training that includes the core competencies, mentor coaching and observed coaching needed to pursue the ACC credential via the ACSTH pathway. The added bonus being you get to focus on your niche, while at the same time learning coaching skills that apply to any coaching relationship.

Program Hours: 72 hrs (60 direct student contact hours and 11 self study)
Learning Access: 12 months
Peer Coaching Hours: 12 hrs with 12 months access
Certificate: Vocational Coach Training (Niche)
ICF Pathway: Gradautes can pursue an ACC credential via the ACSTH pathway Tuition: $1,400 USD (payment plans available on application)

Methodology & support

-Flexible e-learning modules

-Face to Face sessions that gives 

-Support on creating a coaching brand

-2 certification along with coach certification , NLP and TTT

-Flexibility in Payment option

-Support in building coaching business and instant access to corporate for practice session

-International coaching curriculum and guidance

-Research and marketing support

-Continuous learning guidance

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