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The purpose of this course is to help employees understand the concepts of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity to create a workplace where everyone feels welcome.


Organisations succeed when they create a sense of belonging in the minds of each and every employee. This is easier said than done because human biases run deep. The course makes a concerted attempt to explain why biases occur, how it impacts the organisation and how it can be removed through conscious action.

The Course

This course is designed with great care and attention to help employees understand the concepts Diversity, Inclusion and Equity. The course explains how unconscious bias affects the way we perceive and treat our colleagues while delving deep into various types discrimination such as racial, ethnic, age-specific and sexual. Further, the course moves onto harassment (sexual, oral, physical etc.), bystander intervention and reporting procedures. The highlights of the course are;

  • Explanation of various terms – Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Equality, Unconscious Bias, Discrimination etc

  • Explaining the various dimensions of Diversity

  • How Diversity, Inclusion and Equity contributes to creating a sense of Belonging

  • Various types of Discrimination

  • The influence of Unconscious Bias

  • Different types of Harassment

  • Bystander Intervention and Reporting Processes

Topics to be Covered

  1. Introduction to Diversity, Inclusion 

    • Define the terms

    • Dimensions of Diversity

    • The Seven Pillars of Inclusion

    • Equality

    • Sense of Belonging

  2. Unconscious Bias

    • Types of Unconscious Bias

    • Overcoming Unconscious Bias at Work

  3. Discrimination and Harassment

    • Introduction to the terms

    • Types of Discrimination

    • Types of Harassment

    • Sexual Harassment

    • Categories of Sexual Harassment

    • Reporting and Handling Retaliation

    • Bystander Intervention

  4. Summary

  5. Certification & Assessment

  6. Workplace Champion

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