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In todays flat global workforce gender diversity and sensitivity needs to be addressed by corporations to ensure smooth productivity and performance. The matrixed  organisations enable to get their best self to work place. The acceptance and collaborations are only possible when they understand each other and are willing to leverage the best.

Creating a Gender balanced Ecosystem

Creating a  Mind-set of Inclusiveness and making the organisations sensitive to gender equality has become a major part of organisational success.

The key areas covered in the workshop are following :

 1. Advantage of diversity in the organisation

2. Awareness of Differences between the genders and the value the same. Right from decision making to selling men and women have different styles that augments the organisational success

3.Women and their myths about the glass ceiling, their ability to manage senior leadership responsibilities

4.Fostering an environment individuals to be their authentic best. Today multinationals value people who are able to bring their entire self to workspace.

5.Welcoming diverse work force and initiating a value and belief system that can accomplish the same.

6. Creating the climate and DNA of inclusivity and acceptance for change and cultural/gender diversity.


  1. 70% simulation based and case study oriented.

  2. Real Time role plays and situation oriented 

  3. Videos and stories of success in the industry


  • To Understand and inculcate the inclusive mindset     

  • To workspace conducive to retention of talent    

  • To introduce the values, beliefs for inclusive culture          

  • To manage coach workforce towards an acceptance and adaptability in the diversity 

  • Formulating goals using powerful goal setting techniques

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