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negotiation skills



In our Personal and professional life there are multiple situations where negotiation becomes very critical. Thus it's important to nurture the ability to negotiate win-win approaches. Negotiation is an essential skill for achieving your objectives in a variety of situations, without compromising the views and opinions of the other person(s). Many people fear negotiating whilst others revel in “the fight” – however you feel, learning effective negotiation skills will help you develop sustainable and respectful relationships and achieve your objectives in the long term. This workshop will introduce you to the main principles of effective negotiation and help you develop the skills needed to achieve a successful outcome.​

The Course

This course is designed to support your understanding and engaging in conversations for negotiation.

Some of the important aspects covered are :

  • On completion of the course delegates will be able to:
    Recognise the basic principles of negotiation and the need to negotiate in a sustainable way
    Analyse their negotiation style and develop confidence in win/win
    Recognise the various stages of effective negotiation
    Develop a coherent case and set clear objectives
    Recognise whether they are being cooperative or competitive
    Utilise effective interpersonal skills
    Develop the ability to listen and be listened to
    Develop calm and objectivity throughout the negotiation process
    Use negotiation skills in a variety of situations
    Deal with hostility and negotiate acceptable solutions
    Develop strategies to ensure positive outcomes
    Develop an Action Plan for use in the workplace

Topics to be Covered

  1. What is negotiation?

  2. The principles of negotiation

  3. The stages of negotiation: Prepare, Discuss, Propose, Bargain, Finalise

  4. Developing the language of negotiation -The non-verbal you -Handling Objections and difficult situations

  5. Making it happen – Action Planning for Results

  6. Mock Scenarios 

  7. Summary

  8. Certification & Assessment

  9. Workplace Champion

For Registration 

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