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Behavioural interviewing is part of every leaders skills repertoire. In the war for talent its significant to know how to identify and hire the best. This program focuses on creating efficiency and  also a structured process.

Interview Training

The key focus areas that are covered in the Interviewing Skills Training for Managers conducted by Success Studios workshop are:

  • Interviewing to Elicit the Core Competencies of the Candidat

    • Progressive Stages of an Interview

        • Preparing for an interview

        • Opening an interview

        • Building rapport

        • Gathering information

        • Giving information

        • Closing an interview

        • Post-interview work

  • Probing with the Effective Use of Questions

    • Types of Questions

        •         Open-ended questions
          • Close-ended questions

          • Factual Questions/Exploratory Questions

          • Questions about Opinions and Feelings

          • Imaginative Questions

Essential Interviewing Skills:

Important aspects of Interviewing skills are following:

  • Effective listening skills  -  The ability to actively listen helps the interviewer to establish rapport at a rapid pace. 

  • Being emotionally intelligent - Understanding the emotions of the interviewee helps the interviewer to display empathy. 

  • Asking effective questions - Asking questions is the most important skills of an interviewer. 

Our program always helps Leaders to plan out and hire the best. We also conduct mock interviews in the training room which are video-graphed, that depict all the various characteristics of an effective interview. These videos are shared with the participants. 

Participants who have attended this training have always given superlative feedback and also some of the following observations:

1.Reduction in time spent of interviews
2.Effectively elicit more inputs on the relevant competencies
3.Lower number of candidates quitting in the first 3 months
4.Interviewers finding the interview process to be less tedious
5.Conducting more professional interviews

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