Campus to Corporate Workshop is a transformational program, that supports students to understand the nuances of a corporate environment.  If the necessary competencies are not developed when they enter a corporate life, the short term and long term effect on performance & productivity will be significant. There are differences in expectations and responsibilities in the workplace compared to that of college and behavioural skills training is a key part of this program.

Campus to corporate training is a behavioural and leadership intervention, that helps students transition smoothly into corporate life. This session gives tips to students on how to become efficient through learning the basics of corporate communication, managing time, and the mind-set shift that is required when moving from a college to a corporate environment.

We have done this program with various institutions and supported their journey in the career roadmap. Some of our notable clients are Christ University, Jain University, Welingkar Management institute and others.

Right from dressing to long term career goal setting we support the students to map their journey. We also get guest lecturers from relevant organisations for better understanding the interview and selection criteria.

Key Outcomes  

    • Creating the resume

    • Mapping goals -career & personal growth

    • Communication & Presentation 

    • Corporate culture and Etiquette

    • Dos and Donts in the corporate ecosystem

    • Start building a long term reputation and brand

    • Mock interviews for confidence building

    • conviction and belief in self

    • Being professional in interaction with colleagues and clients or even senior employees

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