Your PERCEPTIONS and PROPHECIES are going to manifest... How to change them to your ADVANTAGE!!!

Research shows that we have more than 60000+ thoughts per day. These thoughts sometimes are perceptions and prophecies that we reiterate to make into a belief system. The belief system is in many ways instrumental in controlling our life realities.

A tweak or shift in the way we create our perceptions can transform our belief system and thereby our life journey ... what we bring to ourselves. We are naturally wired by our primal brain to be in a sense of suspect, and fear of our environment...thereby generating a flight or fight mode. Practices like transcendental meditation, mindfulness, awareness help us deconstruct our belief systems and create favourable prophecies and perceptions that can help us practice a relaxed state while traversing to our life goals and purpose.

Let's explore some quick hacks to use our perceptions-prophecies to our ADVANTAGE:

  1. Design our own Perceptions -prophecies that we wish to experience, irrespective of the external canvas or realities.

  2. Practice meditation -visualization -affirmations of the ideal situations that we want to create for ourselves.

  3. Letting go of any thought -feeling -emotion that disempowers us in our journey, can help us regain our happiness -blissfulness. Practicing a negative situation repeatedly causes our brain to imprint the same in our future consciousness.

  4. Perceiving people through a positive lens leads to experiencing higher levels of joy and inner peace. Also gives us an advantage of starting a favourable journey with them.

  5. Activate TIME OUT when triggered by situations or people to ensure our persona revives into an empowered state of being. This is a progressive path and not a one day fix.

  6. Reframe situations in the past and future the way we would like to envisage them to be.

Do share with us your perspective about perceptions or prophecies and how they make your feel...

Do you think you control them or they control you...Do share with us your hacks to deal with them.

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