Your NET WORTH is your NETWORK...myth or reality...

A lot of emphasis nowadays is given to networking, and there are various forums built to do that structurally. The more structured it becomes, the better it becomes as a bartering platform. Thus your promise to give becomes more critical to achieve what you desire from your counterpart. Very often a parent child relationship is assumed to be the most unconditional, however even there the satisfaction to see -nurture -grow them as your legacy as a motive can't be denied. Thus unless you have a STRONG GIVE you can't, scout for ASK or have effective NETWORK.

Thus the statement -Your Network is your Net Worth is a flawed premise. Firstly this is true only when you have a strong GIVE, willing to WAIT for your returns and happily willing to keep investing during the journey... The best example, in this regard is GOOGLE as an organization. Google has many services which are our life line today, yet they invested for years to build the service and making revenue through a model which continues to serve and charge minimal. However their long term business benefit is witnessed in their mammoth growth into a trillion dollar company, impacting almost everyone in the world.

As an individual, leader, start-up, organization, what's more important is to work above the shoulder (EQ, SQ, IQ, RQ are all components of above the shoulder) to build your GIVE, (to your clients, employees and society at large) even before you dive into NETWORK.

3A's to build a strong NET WORTH, irrespective of who you know:

  1. Analyse your USP -Unique selling point and expertise, on which you have either invested 10,000 hours (Coined by Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers, takes anywhere from 9-10years @ 3hours a day!!) or you are working on the same. Parallely start exploring the PROBLEM STATEMENT that you want to SOLVE in your domain or introduce something totally new which optimises to create comfort, plugs a innate human desire. Example: Wright Brothers came up with flying, when human desire was to be like the birds in some way.

  2. Ask yourself if you LOVE THE PROCESS ...As the hussle will soon exhaust you if you are not obsessively in love with what you do, and willing to do it, no matter what the results. This is our best lesson from the Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2, Verse 47; Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana

  3. Appreciate the GENIUS around you and emulate -When you immerse yourself in a process of continuously learning from the best in your domain, you have the best MASTERMIND to impact your creation. Simultaneously, be cautious of what you look for... if you binge on gossip-criticism -listing what's not right with people things get stained with such attitudes -attributes and eventually this sabotages your prospects.

Do share your thoughts on how you can build your NET WORTH... Would love to know what you are sowing today to create a legacy in your domain which is irrespective of your TOP line and Bottom line...

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