Your intent decides your influence on people ...also to create a larger impact

Very often in leadership and in journey of life, we spend a lot of time in understanding how we can influence our stakeholders and also our environment for best outcomes. However the process of influence is rooted in your intent for the person or the cause. If our intent is always visible through our conversations, words, thoughts and also our emotions, our influence becomes automated! We all are naturally wired to through our senses to understand the intent of our fellow beings.

Thus, its quintessential that even when we have personal gains in any outcome or influence process, we first try to understand the value we are trying to add to the other person. In my academic and corporate career I have seen many leaders who have tremendous influence, not because of their oratory skills, that charisma sure helps...its more for the intent they have in establishing value and care for others. Most successful startups and ventures who have a strong WHY is because of their commitment to their intent of service, even before they start expecting. Its critical that the intent is genuine and not a facade.

3 Ways to create and communicate genuine intent:

  1. Understand or create a need based on situation, environment or the person, and contribute to bridge the gap with your talent resoures-abilities. When you are able to sense and plug in gaps for other people, you don't need to struggle to influence them anymore, you become a long term asset to them. Google -Apple -Amazon are success stories which have invented needs we never had, through a strong intent to create ease and comfort of life.

  2. Energise people through your intent journey by way of achieving small milestones, creating memorable stories, and supporting their cause. When your promise gets delivered, conviction increases and influence is established. However to keep your influence alive, you or your intent needs to be consistently delivering to be on the radar.

  3. Develop a sense of gratitude in the intent, rather than feeling it's a favour you are doing to others. When your intent is not attached to drudgery or struggle, and it's with ease you create a superhero persona of yourself, which sure is a great influence on your audience.

In this world we care about people and their powers, only when its relevant to us, thus no matter how amazing our credentials, content, qualification, our intent is what really determines our biggest contribution.

Would love to know more about your strong intents ...What is your way of influence with people? Do you think influence is important as a leader, professional or even as a citizen...What is the impact that you want to create in this world?

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