You are as good as your TEAM!

If you have the best team supporting you, you are a SUCCESS! In the game of any sport the Team plays a significant role even if you are talented, in fact even in individual games. For example in a sport like badminton your coach, your practice team players and your support guides are your team members. So is true in the game of life - profession or even business. If you are not focusing on your team you are losing out on your growth and maximum potential. The best strategy you can work on right now is put a team of experts who support your journey, not just in terms of skills but in terms of genuine faith in your idea no matter what it is. The best example most often is the family as a team...a blind trust on each other and an unconditional support to see the best for each other, if such a team can be replicated at work, 70% of your struggle is over. Whether you're starting your career or growing in it, whether you are an entrepreneur or solopreneur, or even as an artist, if you are not investing in nurturing your team and building the right one with shared will soon hit a roadblock.

6 Things that can help you build your team -

  1. Look for shared vision of growth, learning or adding value, as monetary benefits would not sustain interests for too long. Reference : Daniel Pink's Drive (Talks about what motivates people)

  2. Nurture relationship through achieving quick goals together. Also build trust through empathy and regular engagement. Be predictable and transparent if that is what you expect in return!! Impossible promises for long term can actually be a spoiler even though in short term it can gain you some browny points.

  3. Prioritize and Invest in continuous learning as that also increases your potential for growth as a team.

  4. Give freedom to innovate -ideate - inspire to create a smart team bonding environment. If you are surrounded only by people who think like you and say YES to you, you are missing out on the best diversity for your mission accomplishment.

  5. While hiring look for potential, learnability, desire to grow apart from basics of competence for role, as that ensures that your team is always agile in an ever changing environment and willing to pick up skills which are the need for the day.

  6. Last but not the least, walk the talk as a leader to constantly learn -grown -explore and stay agile.

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