When one has to work too hard for something; one may not be a natural fitment for it...

When you have to work too hard on your goals or relationships, then fundamentally it's not a place where you belong. Anything where you naturally flow, everything seems effortless, unconditionally love the process and you are grateful for it... is where you truly belong. Our external world constantly makes us focus on things we don't have irrespective of our alignment or fitment with it. If one can constantly appreciate what they are designed for, people they already have in their life or even natural abilities and competence; life seems blissful. What you cherish and appreciate grows, what you doubt eventually disappears. Purposeful, joyful, unconditional and genuine commitment towards goals, people and environment facilitates successful desirable outcomes; whereas needing, forceful hard work in any domain of life, makes it a drudgery.

6 ways to evaluate how happy you are in your journey and your ecosystem:

  1. Do you feel you are working too hard for something or someone, without the results you desire. This itself creates stress in the mind and not very sustainable in the long run. That's one of the reasons why during, hiring psychometric tests are conducted to hire people who flow in their job roles. In fact this is one of the reasons why we prefer careers and friends where we can be ourselves.

  2. When you constantly doubt your capabilities, it's time to reconfigure your life canvas and happiness quotient.

  3. Do you feel compromised - utilized etc again a sign which creates a unhappy situation not only for yourself also for others involved in it.

  4. Does your belief system shake in terms of value you add to people or the goal that you have set for yourself...

  5. Are you constantly complaining about your lack in life and how others are responsible for the same.

  6. Do you feel impatient in terms of getting something that you do not have today.

Love to hear from you, if you feel that hard work is indispensable in terms of your goal accomplishment and why. Also do share with us your thoughts on unconditional love-joy vs hard work which is more important in successfully managing your work and your relationship. Hard work or happiness in your profession...what's more critical?

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