While any living system is always subject to change, it is when a system swings far from its normal state that its real livingness is tested. In the last year our living system — the world — has changed dramatically. Due to Covid-19, entire regions of the world have had to lock down, and even where people have been allowed on the streets, they have had to wear masks. From a face-to-face culture, we have largely been forced into a virtual culture where many have had to come face-to-face with their own isolation. Organizations the world over have had to rapidly change their day-to-day operating principles on multiple fronts.

It's become imperative that in the virtual world we have ability to relate to people and optimise our relationships. Humility has played a significant role in people coping with these drastic changes in various organizations and also at personal level. From fancy corner offices all of a sudden senior management is forced to manage their agile systems across home based operations...The wisdom in terms of accommodating -adjusting and adopting conducive patterns and behaviors have become the critical need of the hour.

In the new normal HUMILITY has become an important competence, to be able to operate for the wellbeing of all. Whether it's adjusting to new norms of salaries, or accepting extra responsibilities, understanding customer challenges, managing other aspects...has become the need of the hour in startups, smes, companies and even in larger organizations. It's been one of the best tests of your HUMILITY QUOTIENT...staying nimble, agile, quick alignment and thinking on your feet has become finner attributes.

"When pride comes, then comes dishonor, But with the humble is wisdom. (Proverbs 11: 2)

True humility leads to wisdom and ends in honor. Conversely, narcissism and pride produce hinder personal growth, disturbed relationships, and an eventual fall. Most of us would hope that we would not fall more on the pride side of the pride-humility continuum. Here is a quick self assessment to understand your HQ.

Quick Assessment of Humility Quotient: (Give yourself 1 mark for every response that is no and a -1 for your response as yes!!! Higher the score the better.)

  1. Do your attitudes and actions indicate that you see yourself above others?

  2. Do you sometimes act like a know-it-all who is never wrong?

  3. Do you find it hard to let go of an argument until you have “won?”

  4. Do you become upset when someone challenges your knowledge or authority?

  5. Do you have a sense of entitlement, believing that your wants have priority and sulking or exploding when others don’t believe the same?

  6. Do you bristle when others don’t give you public accolades and credit for some area of service?

  7. Are you obsessed with control?

  8. Do you feel offended when others correct you?

  9. Do you feel in all situations you need to be right all the time?

  10. Do you feel too embarrassed to take help from others?

  11. Are you more bothered about who is right, than what could be completed in a collaborative way?

  12. Are you less keen to work out a solution that can be workable for all?

  13. Are you a person who finds it difficult to apologize when you are wrong?

  14. Are you more keen to maintain status than your service?

  15. Is helping others a waste of time and effort?

Unhealthy pride can ruin our ability to engage and can be a barrier to building long term relationships... If we walk in humility as a servant, our life becomes more fulfilling. Humility is one of the primary competencies of a true leader, whose primary purpose in life is to optimally use their natural talents to serve for the larger good. For years, we have observed the impact of small patterns on bigger realities, and it's visible to us, that simple attitudes —humility, sincerity, diligence, to name a few — can significantly impact organizations and markets. The power of humility can actually accomplish larger goals with ease for you.

One of the best examples, I have experienced is during my interaction with Prakash Padukone, who in spite of being one of the most renowned badminton players and coaches, is down to earth and humble! Some organisations where I have experienced similar culture of humility, has been Infosys, HP, Macmillan, Sapient, Accenture, Google, BIEC, CHRobinson, etc...where the senior management interacts with the teams -vendors, to ensure that they bring out the best in others.

Humility is powerful in dealing with high levels of ambiguity because it allows something larger from the field of possibility to incarnate. It signals to the field, or the system, “I am here, ready to hear, ready to receive and ready to act without my filters,” and this can have a profound effect on how things evolve. Thus emotional and intellectual humility, ensures the quietness of the mind and engagement ease. Such emptiness practiced by one person allows the other person to relax and be themselves, and also in turn fuels authenticity, that is a key driver in creating RESULTS -RELATIONSHIPS -RESILIENCE!

What is your Humility Quotient? Do you feel it ever impacts your outcomes and also retention of your best talents...or relationships? How do you want to tweak your HQ for best outcomes...? Also do share with us incase you are already high on your HQ and how its favoured your journey! Look forward to hear from you!

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