Wednesday Warmup Skill| Being Bold Skill more important than Intelligence...|

Being Bold is a skill that needs to be nurtured and practiced on a regular basis to be able to succeed in your goals. It's a muscle that allows you to forge towards what it takes to master your life. In fact like your bicep -tricep, being a bold is also that necessitates you to exercise your ability to be bold in situations at the cost of being ridiculous. What is the most common resource that every person has on earth...what's common with a Kiran Majumdar Shaw, Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone or Shreya Ghoshal or even a corporate leader...they all have the same 24 hours and 365 days to pursue their goals and accomplish their mission in life. While some figure the right ways to design their map others feel its not enough time!!! What separates the haves and the have-nots in this pursuit of HAPPINESS -huge goals ...Yes apart from following footprints of previous role models, being BOLD is also a critical skill that differentiates WINNERS from others.

Everyone enjoys overnight success stories, however rarely we go behind the scenes to check how life has been during the journey towards the peaks and also when there are falls from these peaks for various reasons. What really enables the strengthening the BOLD MUSCLE are these peaks and valleys from time to time. Everything that goes up has to come down, nothing is permanent, so all you can cherish are the memories of each of these peaks and immense learnings from your valleys. Nonetheless the regular practice of being bold every step of your journey by way of learning -taking risks and trials of impossible to facilitate success for yourself is an exciting process. No matter how steady your journey is today, it will all be over one day, so grieving in the grave is not an option, when the dreams tested!!

In words of Azim Premji, 'If people are not laughing at your goals, your goals are too small' To be ok to be laughed at; you really need to be bold, to go beyond reason to set goals that excite you and also helps you spring out of your bed every single morning.

The day you stop being bold you automatically switch your creative forces off and limit your potential. In life we see a lot of intelligent people not living their dreams as their reason defies their talent, and they restrict their desire and live in a safe steady comfort zone, stagnating their potential.

For a QUICK WARMUP of building the skill of being BOLD, try the following :

  1. When you are in a restaurant try ordering without looking at the menu and anything that you desire to have.

  2. Whatever your space of work try to make an appointment with the top most guy in your profession! Example it can be your CEO if you are in a corporate role, Prasad Biddappa if you are in advertising, Shahrurkh if you are in acting, Ravi Shastri if you are cricket coach, Marshal if you are coach!!

  3. Try learning a new skill associated with your hobbies and challenge your brain.

  4. Propose to the man or woman of your dreams without the fear of being rejected.

  5. Set a bold goal to be the best in your profession and then put down the mind map to reach the space.

  6. Reach out to the people you feel you can learn from and engage regularly.

  7. Set a 30day challenge for yourself to write a book on your expertise.

  8. Set out to do 3 new things... if you knew if you are blessed not to fail.

  9. Sing or dance or paint or something you feel you are not good at ...and be willing to laugh yourself!!!

Trust me I have tried all of the above and they sure have taught me best lessons in life!!

I think one of the boldest thing I ever did was to change my school -my stream, when I was 17 to take up a combination which would enable me to study in the university where I desired to be!!!

Do share with us what's the most bold thing that you have tried in present or past! Also, what has it taught you about yourself and how do you feel about your BOLD QUOTIENT!!!

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