Wednesday Warmup Skill| 3Ways to improve your sales skills|

Every entrepreneur's biggest challenge is how does one sell without the pressure of targets. 'Sales' is like the heart of any startup or even an established business. If one has to master the skills of sales, the first two focus areas need to be on a great product and secondly on building long term relationship based on your promised proposed value.

If what you PROMISE VS PERFORM is not in alignment then your sales commitment or unique value proposition (USP) is compromised. Whether in relationships or sales or any aspect of successful living the realisation of your promises is what gives you authenticity in terms of your long-lasting cycle of growth. Life and business are very similar and very unlike a 20/20 match, it's a marathon that needs you to focus not only on short-term impact but also on long-term value prop.

In any area of your life personal -professional -social -overall wellbeing SALES capability plays a significant role. It helps you build a tribe that stays with you and facilitates your purpose. We are all born with the sales skills, since for anything that we want we start our pitch right from the time we are born, even a mother doesn't feed unless the baby cries...its called demand feeding. How much we nurture the same in times to come decides our command on the skill. This reminds me of my LIC consultants, they never stop checking on you -your health & wellbeing -and how they can make you live a debt free life. Thus anyone can be a master in sales if they are truly interested in supporting people and constantly perform on their promises.


  1. STORIES you tell -People today want to know what you have done for your current clients rather than what you would do for them. Also, stories have higher rates of success not only in terms of examples but also in WHY you do what you do. Thus it's critical to start journaling your anecdotes and success stories so that you can appropriately use them.

  2. Spotlight On your clients - If you keep the spotlight on your clients it helps you reach them better in terms of how they look after your service or product. The entire promise of APPLE products apart from a good product is that it adds you to classy -intellectual -real-time experts around you. To identify how your SERVICE or Product or conversation -or even association can help the other person. WIIFM a term familiar to all trainers and teachers, as unless you give that your audience doesn't move...'' What's In It For Me'' needs to be defined by you in accordance with the problem statement that you address for your audience.

  3. Share FREEMIUM - On a freemium model, you are giving an opportunity to experience. Which is what gives the comfort and confidence to the client, that you can deliver on the great stories that you have shown. Google a great example of how they give almost everything free yet the most successful organisation in the world, as nothing is free, your data -time on google and you are also a part of the larger community which is the foundation to a success story for any entity.

Do share with us what tools and techniques you use as a solopreneur or an entrepreneur!!

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