Tuesday Transformation|Transcending the Need for approval|

In life we are often aligned to the need of approval, appreciation or accomplishment! A lot of our dissatisfaction can be diminished just by being in an immersive process in being ourselves. As a result of being ourselves, we can activate the LOA (LAW OF ATTRACTION) to our kind of people -circumstances -communication -convictions or even community. In fact life is a limited number of breaths, which when spent in pleasing others, one is bound to lose their identity and true happiness.

As per Maslow's hierarchy transcending self is the highest form of living. If you have to be constantly obsessed about your needs of the base levels you may miss the ability to connect with your larger good in life... which is through being yourself. According to the bible 'SIN' is when you are not being true to your duties, to your true potential in life. The moment we are able to live life in accordance to single minded purpose, for our chief aim, rest of life is automatically aligned.Thus nurturing a bias for action towards your CHIEF AIM, can automatically show you, your self transcendence path, where you are serving larger good, a responsibility for which you are here...

Our life is our greatest message or practice through which we can share our learnings that can be instrumental in augmenting other people's journey.

3 Things that you can adopt today to grow beyond the need of approval and be a source of service in society are:

  1. Surround yourself with empowered -energetic and ENCOURAGING PEOPLE - You are a version of people you hang around with. Thus carefully put together your inner circle, as this is going to be the biggest contributor to your success. You are automatically weaning out anyone who doesn't match up with the competencies, that you are designing for yourself at the onset. Anyone who puts you down, and is constantly criticising can be energy vampire, thus you need to ensure you are in the right team. This also rules out, the need to seek approval, as the cult of people have same kind of energy -empathy and emotions for each other.

  2. Being Happy in your OWN SKIN - Once you are with people who like and appreciate you the way you are, life becomes simpler. There is no conflict in terms of your values -beliefs -principles or even to lead your life the way you best deem fit. In fact your job role needs to be in sync with your personality, so that you are not forced to be some one you don't enjoy being. Like wise if your friends like you the way you are; life is more enjoyable. In contrasting situations where people are struggling with you or you with them, a lot of energy is negatively consumed which is surely not conducive to leading a healthy lifestyle.

  3. Be Bold & SEEK SUPPORT : Last but not the least, success doesn't happen in isolation and once you are in blissful company, you can facilitate success for each other. Human beings are social animals and best results are experienced, when forces are multiplied thus building a clan of like minded community...which is your passport to transformation -transcendence and testimony of your best contributions to mankind. Mutually supportive journey is a collaborative force which is the best antidote to any challenge -chaos -conflict in life.

Looking forward to this SUCCESS COMMUNITY achieving their chief aim and also bringing larger good to the ecosystem that we share!! Stay healthy -harmonious and happy in a positive frequency!

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