Tuesday Transformation|Power of Appreciation|

There are natural laws of the universe, which govern the way that everything behaves. One law which is very powerful, is The Law of Attraction, which says that “we attract to ourselves that which we most focus upon and feel deeply about, whether positive or negative”.

To manage what you attract and draw into your life, you need to be more aware of what your thoughts and actions are. Today there is a pandemic and panic everywhere. The media has hyped it, and while we are talking of precautions we are more into a chaotic drama than following the guidelines of social distancing, not engaging or starting any public gathering. Simple rule of thumb is look at the positive behaviours in a situation like this to ensure we are able to do our best. Starting where we can contribute and support a better environment.

One of the tools that helps you create better surroundings for yourself and others is the THE POWER OF APPRECIATION. Inculcating a habit of dealing with and rising above obstacles and problems, and enables you to work towards the life you desire, bringing peace, balance and wellbeing in every area of your life.

The Law of Attraction works whether you believe it or not, attracting into your life the things you hold in your thoughts. If you constantly expect bad things to happen to you, and are always worrying about them, your thoughts are always full of those negative things. Your thoughts then become a self fulfilling prophesy. Whereas if you can keep your thoughts focused on your goals and where you want to go, then the Law of Attraction works with your subconscious mind to bring that about. Meeting the right people, right situations and circumstances is all a part of your creation by virtue of your focus and thoughts.

It is not always EASTY TO CONTROL your thoughts and your mind, keeping them focused on your dreams and desires rather than on your problems and fears. Lets explore how appreciation can come to your rescue with this regard,,, which is designed to help you learn to focus your thoughts, dwelling on your desires and goals, in order to activate the law of attraction in your favour.

This gradually help you to learn to align your feelings and emotions with the life you want, strongly imagining that life and all the steps towards achieving it, dismissing from your thoughts the negative and destructive ideas which lead you towards the life you don’t want.

6 Ways to practice the Power of Appreciation:

  1. Replace - Everytime you catch yourself complaining about something...create a picture of the ideal situation and hallucinate about the same. When you constantly replace the PICTURE OF YOUR COMPLAINS with your idea of THE IDEAL, you start a creation process.

  2. Find the blessings - Ability to find the silver lining in every situation and magnifying the same is another way to appreciate. Build your awareness for your surroundings and find the blessings. For example even in a negative situation of COVID we have finally realised the biggest priority of our life and also value of our time on earth.

  3. Practicing Gratitude for every person -place-process - Every person -place -process in our lives have brought us immense goodness, learnings and strengthened us in many ways which we can be grateful for.

  4. Observe your Energy state and be open to CHANGE -Observe yourself and your behaviour on a day to day basis. The moment you catch yourself dropping in energy correct and change your stance. For examples, if you find yourself getting into indulgence of junk correct and change your path. (In your 5 senses -watching junk, eating junk, listening to irrelevant, smell of something that doesn't serve you, being touched or impacted by distractions)

  5. Journal your relationship and appreciate -Appreciate every relationship and send positive vibes from your perspective to create a powerful vibration where you nurture wellbeing for all in your mind, and thereby resonate in positivity.

  6. Acknowledge the Power of Appreciation - Becoming a Practioner of appreciation is a sure way of stepping into a vibration of wellbeing and good health. Think about each area of your life, your environment, your relationships, your work, and your health. Mentally make a list of all the things that you appreciate in each of these areas. There will be many more than you first thought. When you show appreciation for the life you have at this point, you raise your vibration, and this will attract more to you that you can appreciate. When you appreciate what you have you naturally draw more of the same to you. Don’t get so caught up in your destination that you forget to appreciate the journey, especially the goodness of the people you meet on the way. Appreciation is a wonderful feeling, don’t overlook it. It is difficult to draw better things to you if you do not appreciate the good things you already have. You may be so used to thinking about what you don’t have that you have forgotten the many blessings that you do have. I know that some of you will be saying ‘what do I have to be appreciative about?’ Even so, every one of us has lots to appreciate in our lives. Firstly, you woke up this morning, some people didn’t.

Wish you happy appreciation. For more on this you could explore the following reads:

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