Tuesday Transformation| Inculcating HABIT of being Hopeful|

We all have certain habits that bother us, these could be indulgence in gossip, or criticising others, self sabotaging comments or thinking, procrastination etc. Habits are reasons for our performance, prosperity and productivity. Thus inculcating habits which can facilitate favourable circumstances and also support our goals; helps us be in a positive perspective at all times.

One of the best books written in context to self transformation is Stephan Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective people. There are many books in fact written in this context, nonetheless the most difficult aspect is to give up old habits. The transformation is not in context of adopting the new, it's all about feeling stuck with the old ones. Replacing old habits with new habits that can transform your life, can be very powerful.

Life feels revolutionised and transformed when we can stay hopeful even in hours of confusion and chaos. Ability to be solution focused and leverage our inner faith helps us in the journey of being hopeful.

6 Transformational ACTIONS to inculcate the HABIT of being Hopeful are following:

  1. Put in the best to expect the best : Half hearted efforts often yield half baked results. Its important to give your BLIND trust -faith into your best efforts. This action ensures that more than an astrological prediction you are relying on your own activities everyday towards your goal. When you put in your 200% without overthinking about what is going to happen if you put all your efforts in one basket, you are giving the universe the confirmation that you are the most deserving for what you have asked. This also ensures a personal satisfaction, that you had no stone unturned while working on your focus area.

  2. Engage the best and most trusted Coach -Consultant -Counsellor -Course :Learning is an essential area when it comes to habit. If you are not sure about what habits can help you forge ahead in your chosen field, its time you engaged the best minds to be your support team. Training for any skill is a natural need...likewise training gives you the confidence to be hopeful.

  3. Invest with Intent of win-win : Very often you understand that the habit also needs other collaborators to make it a success; then its wise to invest with an intent to have a win-win rather than an advantage model. This automatically helps your hopeful approach. When you put your best foot forward in all occasions, your collaborators also understand your value.

  4. Affirmations that help your self esteem -If you constantly fill a glass of water with an ounce of poison, eventually the water becomes poisonous for you. Thus any project when filled with plenty of doubts becomes a wobbly. Control your unstable mindset with AFFIRMATIONS of accomplished circumstances. For example if you are writing the exam -start with a list of affirmations that fill you with confidence for the subject. I am great student. My results are always in terms of my expectations. I get questions that I have prepared for etc.

  5. Develop Patience -While working on a goal if you are constantly impatient you might find it difficult to observe the positive needle movements. For example. while travelling in accordance to your GPS if you constantly doubt your final destination you might lose your way or reach the wrong place. Likewise a baby takes 9+ months to be delivered; no matter how much you hurry you need to wait, to see the baby!!

  6. Convey Gratitude for the blessing -Finally practice gratitude for the goal that you are pursuing every single day, this imprints an accomplished space in your subconscious which supports your confidence and also satisfaction while working towards it everyday.

Look forward to hear your strategies to stay hopeful and inculcate habits that create gratification for you.

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