Tuesday Transformation| Being In the Moment|

I think the best transformations come when we are willing to let go of our needs and follow our instincts. Life is a lot to do with being true to who we are; rather than be preoccupied with a chase to prove our merits.

One of the first things that struck me in an Art of Living class, was when they say, ''Drop all your expectations and start living with the unique experiences of your everyday life''. I think this was the best relief I got, in a world where we are all surrounded by constant needs -expectations and progress. In fact even transformation is linked with growth, needle movement and some kind of an appraisal mechanism.

To me transformation is a path to satisfaction, being happy in your own skin and being able to appreciate small things. Its not the never ending chase for more in some form...Life slips out of our hands during this process of constant assessment of self and others.

The meditative process of self discovery in midst of this vast universe is something that transforms the ability to connect with the higher soul within us.

No matter how much we glorify ourselves and our contributions, true transformation is only when we are capable of feeling joy and happiness along with nature and all our fellow beings. This joy is unsurpassed when it's associated with just the state of being not material aspects of life.

I think the COVID situation across the globe has really shown us how vulnerable we are in context to nature. Decades of science and progress seems to be collapsing in the face of a minuscule virus. Our lives are fragile and our manipulations of nature has costed us our own wellbeing.

Thus today, transformation is not for growth but for well being in the moment; that can ensure lasting satisfaction while in this existence.

Practicing this appreciation of the present moment is the biggest transformation that we can bring in our life. This transformation is a powerful gift that you can give yourself.

What's been the most important transformation in your life...How has it supported your wellbeing.

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