Transformation : You DECIDE your DESTINY...

In my coaching conversations I often see people failing in their inner dialogue. A dialogue where they can inculcate self confidence and faith and joy in things they are doing.

In fact I feel self esteem and confidence are more critical to mastering a skill/competency, than IQ or intelligence to deal with it. Faith and self esteem go a long way in building continuous learning and understanding of the knowledge.

Transformation is a process that can take place only through decision making.

3Cs that can support successful decision making are :

1. CLARITY of Single minded focus on Goals -Goal setting often doesn't work when one gets stuck in confusion or doubt. Thus understanding or creating clarity on what is the intent behind doing anything is the first step towards movement towards a goal. Thus deciding to be setting clear SMART goals is at least 70% of the success in terms of achieving any goal that one wants to accomplish. We'll also create filters to keep us from wasting time and energy on what's unachievable or irrelevant.

2. CONVICTION on ones abilities -skills -attributes - Being blessed with loads of talent is a reality for each one of us...However only 10% of people on earth truly appreciate their talents. Our society and education system is to be blamed for this disaster, from a very young age every child is criticised and commanded which breaks the confidence and conviction.Thus building conviction and confidence on day to day basis also supports decision making. Selva method of MIND CONTROL is a great tool in this regard. Affirmation as a tool is also a great method to stay confident and refine/ tweak one's decision if need be.

3. COMMITMENT to a decision - Is the final principle to Desire -Decide -Dedicate and thereby reach Destination. Without commitment to stick to one's decision till its accomplished one may not be able to derive ones true satisfaction of reaching the destination. Commitment is a part of the 3 step process that needs to be strengthened everyday to finally experience ones vision. Commitment to people -process -performance and productivity in the long run facilitates prosperity.

Look forward to hear more from you and your transformational journey!

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