Thursday Therapy| Watching the Rain -Swaying Trees- Sound of Music played by the Winds...|

Watching nature during the onset of monsoons and also the impact of winds on the trees is one of the best therapies that you can enjoy! The rain really quenches the inner calling of getting drenched in the rhythm of nature. Every time it rains it reminds of my childhood and the splashing of the puddles while going to school, and the endless memories of getting soaked in the sweetness of life. Each droplet when it touches the skin feels like being in touch with the divine. It's the best joys and feelings ever, more alive than any manmade high ever could. So as the clouds gather I feel my soul stir, the air electrified as it anticipates the musical storm.

Amidst the stress and strain of corona, the rain really swept away all the worries and gave a beautiful afternoon to cherish. So as to remind us that DEATH is an inevitable consequence which shall one day engulf us...before that every moment that we can appreciate would be the best gift of life.

Sitting with the cup of tea watching the rain purify every inch outside was quite a site to watch. Soon its going to cease its blissful shower on the surface of earth...yet with these drops that come to greet the earth with the splendour of their music and the sensation of flow, is the feeling of joy - not the elevated and loud happiness of the rave, but the sweet serenity of a loving quiet purpose.

The symphony of the rain orchestrated by the divine is one of the amazing therapies which gives you a temporary blessed amnesia from the news -the escalating numbers -and also the uncertainty of life.

Enjoy the Rain therapy during monsoons to reinvent yourself -your purpose -your personality and all that you are seeking from this flesh & blood existence. Embrace the creations of nature that facilitate the wellbeing and eternal wisdom in you.

Stay eternally blessed!!

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