Thursday Therapy| Serving a Soul Unconditionally|

It's been almost a week, I have been busy with my visiting cat! Shunti has now been in our layout for a long time, and she visits many houses just like mine. We all love her free spirit and brave heart, always on her adventures. Unlike my dogs her demands are very meager she just comes and nibbles on her cat food and then happily leaves for the day! However, everyone in the house looks forward to her visits sometimes once a day and sometimes thrice a day! Many a time she has indicated her chosen place where she wants to deliver her kittens...however, I have never taken the risk as I have two dogs in the house, who are very possessive of their turf.

A week back Shunti was missing for two days, and then one of our neighbors shared that she had delivered the kittens at her house. We were extremely worried as she had a history of being responsible with her previous litters; till they were trained enough to fend for themselves. I just prayed for her happiness no matter where she was.

Then one morning while I was on my coaching calls, I received a message about her return. As soon as I was done with the call, I decided to visit my neighbor to see how she was doing and why she won't eat anything. As we approached my friend said that Shunti was missing again...soon my friend's daughter asked us to see if she was under the car. And there she was all frozen, haggard, and weak stuck in one place. We realized she was very unwell. My husband, who had earlier not been much of a dog and cat person; had now become their biggest confidant. He suggested that we rush her to the hospital to check if we can do something to rescue her from this plight. We rushed her to the vet, who was not there but soon one of the junior doctors came in and checked on her. To our relief, he said that she can be revived, and gave some antibiotic injections to address her mammary glands infection. Luckily one of our other friends volunteered to take care of the kittens and together we all became part of a cat moms group to keep a tab on this project!! Shunti was frail and didn't eat anything for the next 2 days, we kept giving her fluids with a syringe however she seemed non-reactive. Then with chicken soup, ORS and milk her eyes seemed brighter. As soon as she came out to the terrace she started wondering how to escape! We were happy to see her progress, also worried if she can survive the stray dogs and other cats around our locality. Finally, after another two days while walking around she all of sudden ran out of the house, we ran after her but she soon disappeared. We were happy that she seemed fast enough to run etc. That evening we were surprised to see her back!! Guess she realized that we were just trying to ensure that she gains her health and strength back.

The best learning that I got from this episode is to serve a soul when in doubt. When one is engrossed in service or welfare of others, one tends to forget their own. Supporting another person to get over their problems, can act as the best therapy and antidote to your circumstances or any obstacles in your life! So anytime you find yourself amidst depression -sorrows or even some issues that bother you, find someone to serve, and see how magical it makes you feel about life.

Do share with us your experience in life in terms of serving others.

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