Thursday THERAPY -Benefits of Leading a SIMPLE LIFE...

Leading a simple life is always the best way to find PEACE -PROSPERITY & PRODUCTIVITY. Our society grooms us to be in perfect competition at all times with our fellow beings! Right from the time a child is born the only thought is how capable the child becomes in comparison to his peers or even in the environment where he is. With the advancement of civilization the one thing that we have mastered is to complicate our needs, demands of life. A simple life on the other hand can help us be more satisfied -serendipitous and successful.

9 easy ways for a simple life are :

1. Value -Add richness and value to your own life by adding value to the lives around you. Look at the connections and interactions you have, and notice opportunities to add more to the relationship. Not more stuff, or more advice, but more goodness to elevate everyone around you.

2. Silence -Life is busy, but a few quiet moments every day can better prepare you to handle everything that comes your way. Declare daily quiet time an essential part of your life. Put it on your calendar and let your family know what you need. Even 5 quiet minutes can change the whole day.

3. Laughter -Even while you are working hard to simplify your life and dealing with serious things like paying off debt, changing careers, and caring for others, look for opportunities to laugh with your whole heart. Laughing offers great health benefits like lower blood pressure, and the release of endorphins, and makes you a better person to be around.

4. Art -Support artists. Make art. Give art. If you love to create and you aren’t creating, there is something missing. The world deserves your art and you so deserve to engage in activities you love. If you want your art to be your work, turn your creativity into a career with a virtual gallery, or a blog or even artifacts that you display around yourself.

5. Gratitude -Express your gratitude out loud. Be grateful for everything you have. When you turn your focus to being grateful for what you do have, there is very little time or energy to think about what you don’t have.

6. Patience -As you simplify your life, be patient with the people in your life who aren’t there yet. Patience while pursuing your journey allows you to build the momentum which encourages you to be simple in your ways.

7. Benevolence -Give, give, give and then give some more. Even when you think you’ve given all you have to give, just wait, there is more. This makes life simple yet soulful.

8. Joy -Find little things that bring you great joy. You can find joy in the simplest things like walking -gardening -cooking-admiring nature -reading -listening to music- dancing - running -playing sports... Create joy, notice joy and celebrate joy.

9. Love - Love is a universal sense of oneness with nature's creations! Whether its towards your work -nature -people, it automatically enhances the quality of your life! If you can replace hatred -jealousy -angst or anger with LOVE you create more abundance -success - progress and growth for yourself .

When you add a few of these things to your simple life, you’ll quickly see that you don’t need all the stuff to have it all. The secret to having it all is recognizing that you already do.

Do share your experience in terms of leading a simple -humble -harmonious -progressive life. What emotions and tools have supported your journey!

Following are some good reads in this regard:

Unlearn : 101 Simple Truths for a Better Life: The international bestseller

A Simple Life of Swami Vivekananda

You Can Heal Your Life

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