“Thinking is difficult, that’s why most people JUDGE.” ~ Carl Jung

We often complain in how we get treated or judged by others. However the very next moment we start with our judgement saga about others. Life is a gift to all and they have complete FREEDOM to live the way they want; then who are we to judge ...Judgement day can be reserved only for those who engage in violence or harming others!!! Where it's truly required.

Very often we use our free will and free time for creating a detailed analysis of our judgement about others, irrespective of our compensation for the assignment!! One of the fundamental aspects in coaching practice is DROP YOUR JUDGEMENT... Unless we do that there is no value we can add to any human being. Even while mentoring -counselling -leading -consulting or any human interaction ...we should refrain from slotting people and labeling them with our judgements. The sooner we do that we can not only claim to be better on our Emotional Quotient, we can also surround ourselves with more well wishers!!

Judging is simply our attempt to create a hierarchy of better than and less than, superior to and inferior to, and to define worth to everyone and everything that we meet. We have the innate urge to be right, to be better, to be superior—always. Our binary view of the world around us necessitates us to be either right or wrong, so we tend to judge. Unfortunately this tradition of judging others we take pride on and attribute to our ancestors as a tradition, irrespective of whether it serves us or not...Often times it impacts our larger good adversely.

6 Good reasons to stop judging and start living ...

1. Judging others is a reflection of yourself - If you think about it, every time you criticize someone or gossip about them, it’s usually in the areas where you feel the weakest or that you most dislike about yourself. If you’re able to see their “flaws”, it’s most probably because you can recognize them in yourself. Only difference may be that they struggle with the competence a little more than you.

2. You can’t appreciate other people when you’re constantly judging them. -Every person is good at something. However when we are too busy analysing their faults we are completely oblivious of their talents. Appreciative inquiry is a new approach being adopted in many organizations to leverage the best of the employee skills and attributes.

3. It blocks your spiritual growth -As per bible we are all created in the image of GOD, So judging others is as good as judging god...In our spiritual growth we can evolve as a human being only when we practice compassion, empathy and traits which are in true alignment of the universal powers of the world.

4. It stops the flow of abundance -When you judge others, you lower your vibration, and therefore you shut yourself down from receiving abundance and prosperity from the universe. Criticism and judgment always leaves you depleted.

Next time you find yourself judging someone by their appearance or situation, ask yourself why. This gives room to really think about your thoughts and emotions before letting them get the best of you. 5. It makes you unhappy -When we stop being judgmental, we start appreciating people and things for what they are; we start living in the present moment and we can simply enjoy life and be happy. So next time you catch yourself criticizing someone, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, try finding out what subconscious limiting beliefs are ...and how they tormenting you; these may have been with you for long. However there's always opportunity to start afresh and be happy.

6. Its TIME which could be better used - Being absolutely selfish about you TIME is your birth right. And anything which doesn't serve your should be dropped. Jugement needs time effort and engagement...so if that time is better utilized you can find more progress and productivity in your life, also in a positive spirit. How do you feel when you are judged by others? Do share your experience in this regard.

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