In life we mostly define ourselves by what we think we can reach or achieve, OUR POTENTIAL; which is popularly called AUKAD in hindi. Very often our desires are limited by our circumstances or our environment, with complete adherence to this principle. During my entire life, I had a lot of my well wishers on a regular basis cautioning of what is within and what's out of my scope. In fact taking risks and going beyond one's boundaries is something considered too audacious & adventurous and should be avoided! I do agree taking these risks cause a lot of pain in going into an unchartered territory and exploring a new path, that may or may not work out...etc ...however it does give tremendous learning and an adventure which is totally unique. If one wants a STEADY and RISK AVERSE life, one should adhere to the AUKAD principle and stay within the boundary! None the less if you are a person who wants to experience every flavour, that life has, you deserve to take that risk, to explore the unknown, soak yourself in a new learning and bask in the glory of a new path. Above all, the ULTIMATE end of everything is DEPARTURE FROM THE PLANET, merging with the universe, so you can always take the risk to recognise your exploratory need.

Your final score is sure going to travel with you as your KARMA though, so while taking risks you need to ensure that it doesn't hurt others...

3 Ways that you can live beyond AUKAD are:

  1. Rock the boat -Go beyond the status quo and excite your ecosystem and yourself to try out something new without too much damage. Sometimes when you break the norm to introduce a practice that can bring more benefits, others may find it difficult as it involves a lot of change.Our life is ever changing however the irony is we are always trying to resist the same. Whether its in terms of a new supervisor, working the extra mile to create delight or even to introduce a practice that can support many...

  2. Think Beyond Boundaries - The moment you start putting logic and understanding of all your limitation, you wont be able to step into the territory of the winning criteria. When you want to achieve something explore what you already have rather than what you don't. If Dhirubhai followed the AUKAD principle, Reliance, wont' be where it is today! Likewise if a village boy didn't aspire beyond all his limitations to send the rockets to the moon and become a pioneer scientist, we won't have had Dr. Kalam. Your FANTASY -FAITH -FOCUS determines your achievement and not your FATE -FORTUNE OR AUKAD. Your AUKAD or potential is what you believe and create it to be.

  3. Find Role models who INSPIRE -When you are able to find the role models who have been there done that or something similar ,you get clues that can support you journey. These role models can be in your immediate environment or may be remote through books -movies etc. Bottom line is that you get understanding from their journey in terms of how you can dare to dream!! Also some of the things you could do to nurture your goals. One of the best examples in this regards is Tony Robbins who followed Jim Rohn's footprint to create his own path in mentoring coaching and creating value in leadership coaching.

Look forward to hear your perspective on this principle and also how you feel for the same!!Do you believe in taking risks or staying safe...

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