Sunday Story| Finding a Purpose|

Saina was bored of studying during this lockdown. Every day the news -media, and people around her just highlighted the kind of chaos that was building all around the globe due to this pandemic. Though there are many other diseases because of which people are dying, everyone seemed to be obsessed about this new virus that now seemed like a nuclear war in progress. However, despite all this chaos, the commercialized education system, and its various units would call her every day and give her various kinds of offers.

Our elite society which is so evolved and has solutions for everything; all of sudden seemed a pray to one of the smallest common denominators in our ecosystem -a virus. The healthcare system and education system continue with their ransom, with all dedication even amidst all the sorrow and horror of impact every day. Their purpose of establishing the best in class -global standards and so forth...

The flawed education system which prioritized the replication-reproduction of memorized knowledge rather than an application of the same, made her feel that she would have been happier being born in the New Stone Age where people were involved in discoveries -explorations rather than listening to series of lectures and arranged textbooks if man's only purpose on earth was to mug the past and present thesis, rather than creating something new -novel and noteworthy.

She often had debates with her friends and family on the need of an education system, which held back the vibrant youth for almost 21 years only to be immersed in a load of books, in the name of being educated. Sometimes she just dreamt of being in the caves -huts and the virgin forests where she could discover a new species or drift away to a new galaxy...not because she would record it as her claim for some award or recognition, but as a sheer joy of being truly alive...

Her longing to find a purpose that would be deserving of her focus was yet to show up. Her utopian imagination of starting a clan of people who would live close to nature and just be like the others in the animal kingdom seemed like an alien dream to others. Every single human was consumed in some kind of pursuit to be bigger -more knowledgeable -more innovative and no seemed to care about just living -being and blending with the nature around...with the plant -animal and the human kingdom. Will her dream or purpose of just enjoying the fresh air, water, and natural foods be left ignored due to her intellect and the demands of others from her. Will she ever be able to convey -convince and connect with her fellow earth travelers on what it means to discover -explore and flow with nature around, without the obsession of technology - progress -knowledge, and judgment of others.

All of sudden the eureka moment dawned on her, she decided to follow this purpose of assembling people with this longing to go back in time and live a primitive lifestyle. Like Sheldon and his gang living in the bubble of astrophysics and everything that it involves, she would scout for people who desire to live humble lives without fancy cars -wardrobes -walls but just have trees, birds, and some agro produce to support their sustenance. Though an audacious dream, it's been her only desire since the time she gained awareness about herself. She no longer cared who thought what of her, all that mattered is to start the journey of building her tribe. A tribe that only prioritized the humble living in oneness with nature and created nothing to obstruct the same. Renounce AWARDS -ACCOLADES -AMBITIONS -ANTICS of any order, and embrace the environment and everlasting harmony ...This humble but natural living would also make them secure from all threats of modern living, its demands, desires or ancillary sophistications; which eventually creates diseases in our mind -body and existence. 'Creating this disease-free ecosystem is my purpose on earth and beyond, along with my fellow species', she smiled to herself.

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