Sunday Story :Dealing with Reality...

Anaya soon reached the Manipal hospital and realised that Shaun was in emergency. He had minor bruises though he seemed a little disoriented. The doctors wanted to do all kinds of tests to rule out any kind of complications, as Shaun was a heart patient also. Shaun a British citizen, had been in India for a long time now. Since the clients had a comfort level with Shaun, he shifted to India to manage the BT account. Shaun was a short stout jovial personality most of the time, however when things went wrong he would be the most paranoid one. He was 51 year old divorcee, with two kids. His family preferred living in London, and he was happy with the Indian domestic support system with two cooks and a live in maid to take care of five stray dogs, that he had adopted over a period of time.

That morning his driver didn't come and since he was getting delayed for a conference call with the clients and the team... he had no time to wait for a cab. Thus he tried driving himself and ended up in bad crash with a BMTC bus. He said to Anaya, ''Hey why did you bother, could have sent someone from HR to do the formalities here.Fortunately the bus was slow and so was I; survived with minor bruises!!

Anaya was worried as Shaun would be at home for few days and the clients are difficult to manage without him. In fact Shaun was also supposed to travel shortly to Singapore, where one of the centres, needed senior members for the new project launch and also running the same, till it was brought to steady state; along with the team members confidence building for running the project.

All the great projects executed by Anaya were more of team effort along with Shaun & her directs, rather than her own genius. In fact Anaya was one person who never shied away, from giving credit to her juniors or seniors. She felt that most achievements are a result of team effort rather than a single person's talent...In fact her ability to appreciate is what really helped her retain her top talent and also keep the team together.

With these circumstances Anaya knew that she might have to travel, in spite of the covid situations escalating in various geographies. She had vertigo and every time she travelled she harboured a lot of anxious thoughts and nightmares. Apart from this she also had to ask one of her team members to board her cats, while she was away. Anaya used to live with her cats in a studio apartment near Whitefield, which was just 30 minutes to her office campus. This not only saved her a lot of time, this also helped her catch up on sleep, after her night shifts.

That night as she lay under the stars in her balcony, she wondered how life always brings new episodes to build your skills! The starry night reminds her of Van Gogh's painting and his struggle in life to get recognised as an artist... most of his recognition as an artist happened after his demise. This story may discourage many, for Anaya this was the best example of life best lived; as one spends time on what one enjoys, so every moment is well lived in happiness and creativity. Anaya's biggest fear in life was losing out on living the best version of herself and her talents. She had seen her grandmother always complain that good life is not for all; but only for the chosen few who decide and design their life, the way they want it to unfold. Thus she always wanted to step into every opportunity, that would allow her to build herself to the best of her abilities.

Though she had decided to go back to village, she was now in a situation where she had to double up and handle her boss's responsibilities during his absence. She had to mentally prepare herself, as she was sure that she had to travel to Singapore with Mr. Natarajan, to kick start a new project with a completely new team hired from the best Ivy League universities; as this project was supposed to develop some of the best products in AI space. Anaya was a Capricorn, thus she always came across as a well balanced -calm and poised person who can take on the world, if need be. Her team had a nick name for her, Wonder Woman; after they watched Wonder Woman for the team outing!!

With these fleeting thoughts Anaya went to sleep in her balcony, with the cats cuddling up to her.

To be continued...

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