Sunday Story|All's well that ends well|

Anaya was mentally preparing herself for her official travel to London for the project launch. Her team leaders seemed more excited about the project than her, as they have been looking forward to this new support of doing away with some of the basic data entry and management which would be executed once this project went live.

Monday morning when Anya walked into office to do the final conference calls with the clients to understand their requirements that needs to be plugged into the project, she realised that her laptop which had all the files was not booting. Anya rushed to the tech team to sort things out when it dawned on her that she had no backup for all the files which were there. All stressed out with her plight she sat patiently working on her plan-b if the system didn't come to life soon.

She decided to put a crack team together to recreate all the presentations and plans for the project as plan-b, which would then postpone her dates of travel to London ...However she couldn't think beyond that, when her colleague Amulya, who manages leadership training walked in. Anya always discounted the HR teams of no value from the operations team perspective; so she was irritated to see him in the tech floor. Amulya very asked her, 'Hey how's you preparation for the travel going let me know if you can do a few leadership sessions for us when you are in London'. Anya was in no mood to talk to him so she nodded her head. Meanwhile Ashish the tech support guy came to Anaya and said, ' We would take some more time to sort this so please come post lunch'. Amulya heard this, and reacted, ' Oh what is the issue...all ok? System issues now, aren't you supposed to be travelling tomorrow morning.' Now Anaya really lost her patience, 'Yes can you do something about it. All the laptops are old and now needs to be replaced, ask your team to do something about it, if you can'. Amulya comforted her said, 'Don't worry I am sure all would be fine soon, come lets finish lunch and come'. Though Anaya was upset somehow Amulya's patient and calm voice comforted her and she agreed to step out to the food court to grab some lunch.

Anaya's comfort food was Hydrabadi biriyani, it was an instant mood booster for her. She had no clue why, but food was a great relaxation when things seemed topsy-turvy. Amulya and Anaya walked in and the food court seemed totally empty as due to COVID, most folks were working from home. Amulya jostled to pay, however Anaya was faster and finished everything with her Sodexo coupons and asked him to follow her to get the plates. As they settled in for lunch, Anaya was already feeling very calm and composed, 'was it the biriyani effect or was it Amulya who seemed like an angel to just be there supporting her beat the stress and enjoy the moment without any apprehensions'. As Anaya was wondering about this she realised that every department had some unique behavioural skills, which were their tacit possessions by virtue of being in the role, and also the reason for them to gravitate towards the role. Though a very simple situation just by the tone of voice, command and prediction of goodness emerging, Amulya was able to change her perspective. She was really impressed with this and wanted to emulate some of these people practices herself to be an even more impactful leader. She realised her growth in her industry is possible only when she builds her trust in the environment and hones are ability to face any ambiguity. While she has made a great impact with her new projects, her time to mentor more people across to achieve their goals is what would give her true satisfaction and also help the organisation to see her leadership mettle.

'Tell me more about this leadership course and what I need to do', she asked Amulya. Amulya was all excited to see Anaya's interest, as generally operations folks find it laborious and futile to take time out to facilitate leadership sessions for the HR teams. So he explained everything to her and also assured that he would share all the presentations and content that needs to be run for the program. With a great feeling of accomplishment both Anaya and Amulya walked into the teach floor and enquired if the laptop was ready; and to her surprise Ashish gave a big smile to Anaya and said, 'Yes all your files are intact, you can relax and plan your departure for tomorrow!'Anaya was relieved and thanked both Ashish and Amulya for their support in her hour of chaos and confusion and headed back to her desk.

In the evening Anaya reached home early and sat with her cup of tea, to analyse her day. She realised that her constant stress of her travel had actually attracted the laptop issue to her, and her relaxation with Amulya, letting go of the situation is what sorted it. She was again reminded of Abraham and her tiny suggestions of being in the sense of gratification, that which attracts all goodness and joy in life. So she decided to work on her reframe for her travel as a great opportunity to support others in a different geography, enrich her skills as a leader both through interaction and also through exposure.

As she meditated into her new reality, she felt calm and relaxed about her travel plans.

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