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The definition of Success has gone through intense transformation in the minds of the evolved souls. Today it's about pursuing a purposeful life where you not only contribute but, you are in a gratified state of being and without the pressures of compulsions or complains. The foundation of such a life begins with your desire to experience -share -embrace the beauty around you.

6 Simple steps to discover the SUCCESS IN YOU are:

  1. Analyse your Strengths -SKILLS - We all are endowed with many skills, competencies and inborn talents! Some are honed and practiced for 10,000 hours and some that we are not even aware of, as we are so natural at it. So its time to analyse those strengths through introspections, discussions with dear ones who watch you from close quarters and know you. Johari Window could be a great tool for you to discover your hidden talents. The Strengths Finder is another book that could support this journey for you. Once you know what your STRENGTHS-SKILLS you are playing your game by your OWN RULES.

  2. Explore Your Ecosystem -RESOURCES - Every person has access to different resources that sometimes is left untapped as they discount what is part of their environment and also so easily available. Struggle happens when you are not able to tap into the GOLD IN YOUR BACKYARD!! This resource could be your network, your colleagues, or even some problems or circumstances that you can resolve to create your success roadmap. The OUTLIERS by Malcolm Gladwell is a classic book that talks more about our resources in terms of our upbringing, place and time of our birth, people we hang around with and many other elements that determine our path and progress in life. So a deep dive to understand your ecosystem would have clues of your way forward.

  3. Define the work you love- PASSION -This I have always found as a difficult area for many, as we all love doing many things and finding out ,what exactly is going to be the single most thing that you want to dedicate yourself to is a tough task. This again requires some investment of time and study to filter out, the top 2/3 aspects that give you joy! My childhood dream was to be a teacher and then once I became one, I realised I needed a higher challenge to progress in the I stepped up to be a lecturer - a professor -a trainer -a training administrator -a coach -mentor coach ...Thus found different shades of a similar kind of profession. However I am also passionate about writing, music and administration which are my other sources of joy and I do use combinations of my other passions in my primary profession as metaphors or support aspects! IKIGAI can be a great book to support in this journey to define your true passion. The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny by Attwood, Janet, Attwood, Chris can also help you in unleashing your true potential.

  4. Create your Ideas -ABUNDANCE - Your ideas are your seeds to a innovative journey. Thus from time to time you need to reinvent your trajectory through a creative design. This again involves dialogue with others and also with self, inspiration from existing unsolved challenges etc. Creating different paths to same destination is sometimes critical to ensure you are making progress. Conscious Creativity is a great tool in this regard. Creativity is a path to feeling and manifesting abundance in your life.

  5. Evaluate what's working -RESULTS -Regular evaluations to estimate your progress and figure the ways in which changes need to be brought about is critical. Evaluation on a periodic basis reveals your roadblocks and how you can remove them to ensure your smooth path to your goals. RESULTS: The Art and Science of Getting It Done has been very helpful in determining right practices to adopt, while working on my goals.

  6. Select Your Partners - ACTION SUPPORT TEAM - We are infinite beings with great potentials; however when we join our fellow beings who are our co-passengers in life; process of creation and manifestation is expedited. Homo sapiens are a social beings thus partnering with people with complementing skills, -passions etc makes our journey smooth with promise of WIN-WIN for all in the team. Your team choice determines your success -satisfaction and happiness in a big way; so ensure you go for the values and not just the skills alone. Smart Leaders, Smarter Teams: How You and Your Team Get Unstuck to Get Results is a great book which can support you in hiring or nominating volunteers for your purpose or vision of life.

Finally Celebrate today, Create tomorrow, Coordinate day after, to Claim your eternal journey!

Patience in Journey,

Perseverance in Action

Purposeful Faith

Performing with Belief...

Ensure Productive Outcomes & Peaceful Consistency...

Wish you SUCCESS - JOY -HAPPINESS in all that you are pursuing...

Do share your methods in creating success in every aspect of your life...Looking forward to hear from you!!

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