Saturday Surrealism in Leadership -WAND for WINS

Surrealism, movement in visual art and literature, flourishing in Europe between World Wars I and II. According to the major spokesman of the movement, the poet and critic André Breton, who published The Surrealist Manifesto in 1924, Surrealism was a means of reuniting CONSCIOUS & UNCONSCIOUS realms of experience so completely that the world of dream and fantasy would be joined to the everyday rational world in “an absolute reality, a surreality.”

Surrealists believed that unlocking the subconscious mind was an avenue toward this uprising. Leadership sure can leverage a lot from this concept. In everyday goal achievement LEADERS often feel helpless either with circumstances within or outside the organisation. The sense of ''WHAT IS'' destroys the exploration of the potential of what could be.

Everything around us has some point in time been a DREAM which has manifested; the ones which have not come to life sure lacked the conviction, confidence and the commitment. Surrealism can enable this LEADERSHIP element to unfold with nurturing and also desire to give it wings!

Leadership on a day to day basis involves simplifying - glorifying -energising -envisioning the final outcomes. Thus for the leader to be in an empowered state, is critical to facilitate the various aspects mentioned above. As a leader you can imagine you have a Wand, which gives you mental power, that supports you to enable others to be in a STATE of delight -and in access of all significant tools of success. The WAND which we have commonly seen in various magical movies, (Harry Potter, Maleficent, Fantastic Beasts etc) is also between the conscious and unconscious world of surrealism. The Wand, as we see gives us the feeling of immense confidence to deal with any demons within or even in our ecosystem. The wand is a surreal tool that can sure support leaders to feel the confidence in manifesting the vision.

As a leader if you are able to create the surrealistic and fantasy side of the universe, you can leverage people and their talents. The talent of the leader is in simplifying things rather than complicating the same. If you are still looking down on the skills and competence of your people -employees and support vendors its time you used your WAND to activate the magic in them. To shift your mood and also your environment you can use the wand to imagine and also bring to life situations and circumstances that you want to create! A leader thus has the power to bring things to life through these surrealistic metaphors.

With the Wand you can instantly, change your own apprehensions or anxieties, or even those of other people. Our subconscious is truly very powerful, thus if we use the metaphor of the Wand to change our inner dialogue we can experience a different world around us.

As per Swami Vivekananda's comments -''Fill the brain, therefore, with high thoughts, highest ideals, place them day and night before you, and out of that will come great work. Talk not about impurity, but say that we are pure. We have hypnotised ourselves into this thought that we are little''...How we perceive ourselves and others decides how we are using our WAND for a WINWIN!!

Movie that's based on the surreal concept
Fantastic Planet

A surreal movie that drives home similar sentiments is the 'Fantastic Planet' which is a parable about seeking equality, envisioning a world where oppression can be overcome and mankind can co-exist without prejudice and tyranny. It encourages people to seek as much knowledge as they can; to break free of intellectual imprisonment or else risk being ruled by despots. A truly brilliant film, with a timeless message -that we can imagine -innovate -ideate, thereby invent the immortal incredible reality, with our intentions!!!

Do share with us what you would do to use your surrealistic powers....How do you think you can create the imagination and thereby the reality of the best in this universe.

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