Saturday Surreal| The Pen Vs the iPad|

The pen and the iPad were in their usual debate every morning. Ms.Mukherjee considered them as her prized possession for a decade now. In fact, the pen was gifted to her by her beloved grandfather who was a professor with Jadavpur University in the computer science department. Her attachment to them made her almost vulnerable, and sometimes she would wonder who was really mightier, the pen or the she had expressed the art of expressing her thoughts in both of them. The pen hailed from the time of the British era and had those renaissance traits of versatility and humanism. She had equal admiration for both, though they seem to have this battle of wits every morning before Ms. Mukherjee took to her antique victorian chair which was her favorite space near the window, just beside her manicured garden.

Ms. Mukherjee's pen was well known, around south Calcutta, as a trinket of inestimable family value. It was in fact been passed on from generation to generation and had incredible antiquity and near-mythological achievement, it was also estimated to be two centenaries old with a royal heritage. Ms. Mukherjee had great pride in the family pen which was made of gold and passed from one generation to the other as a prized possession.

That morning was no different when the pen, made its royal statement, ''Í am worthy of my honor as I have supported the family pen down their best achievements over the years, I am flesh and blood companion to my lady!''. The iPad was always taken aback with such statements of historical grandeur...however retorted with sarcasm, ''Yeah that's the reason she felt my need! She not only captures her thoughts with me but also the memorable moments that she has captured as pictures and innumerable musical favorites that she enjoys. My value is way more emotional to her than you!'

As Ms. Mukherjee entered her living room she greeted her guest who had come to interview her for their magazine. Ms.Mukherjee was an accomplished filmmaker and her work had always been part of some controversy or the other, she in fact had made films on the tribal life, Indian political system and its impact on the economy, and even period films. Her work brings in a different insight to the same perspective that got discussed in various social forums.

Lighting her small cigarette while engrossed in her discussion with the journalist, she was almost lost in the discussion about her latest movie, ''CORONA-The Undetected Missile'' The pen and the iPad were eagerly waiting for their contributions to this immense project and all the sleepless nights they endured. The journalist also looked at them with passing wonder...and fortunately asked at the fag end of the interview, ''Ms. Mukherjee do you pen down your thoughts when you come up with the concept of your movie; or do you create some snapshot on the iPad...we have seen these two travel with you in all your sets and also your press conferences...''. Ms. Mukherjee after a deep thought replied with a chuckle, ''Well well! Those two are my lifelines when it comes to capturing my ideas immediately, however, the true credit of all my work should go to my ancestors who had a deep curiosity in their environment!! My grandfather used to be a man of art, his book of short stories have won many awards; in fact, I have made a movie on one of them also.''With these conversations and banter, the morning came to a closure. However, today was a great day of revelation for the pen and the iPad who were always arguing about their importance!!! As today they realized that no matter what they do, they are instruments of success who would get only minuscule credits when the curtain comes down, as every human need is to glorify their victory with their personal story or some deeper meaning that they have given to it.

"Please," the pen sighed. "I want only to support her... she is is like my fairy godmother. Keeping me in a state of trance. Really don't care about credits.''So true'' said the iPad, ''we are together a team like the millions around us who serve yet their names are nowhere seen in history...''

As Ms. Mukherjee sat near the window with her cup of tea and her favorite companions who had now become beloved friends and a team. They enjoyed along with the singing birds and shifting leaves in the garden, just outside the window. All looked like a well-synchronized symphony, placed with their respective instruments and talents, and playing their perfect roles.

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