Saturday Surreal| Best Friend My Badminton Racket|

As I came out of the court in Ordinance club, Kolkata after losing the first set, I was very disturbed as Indrani used to be a person, I beat on regular basis in my practice matches!! My coach came towards me and handed me a glass of glucose water to energise my muscles, so that I could get back on my toes, as if it was the beginning of the day. In a vexed manner with a rather low pitched voice than usual, indicating his immense anxiety, he said ''Are you ok, all your shots are going out of the court today.'' I didn't know how to react to that, as he had dedicated a lot of time to me, after his office hours, to see me emerge victorious in every battle fought on the court, both with the mind and the racket, for he had faith in me and my potential to arise as a champion. I used to go for long practice hours during the week days and long distance run in the weekends in race course, along with the rest of the team, to build my strokes, footwork, fitness and agility. While my sisters rebuked me and my mom saying, ''you are really encouraging her on something which has no future...''; me and my mom had a great time going to YMCA every single week day and training with the dream of playing for the state!!

While thinking of all this, I had a quick chat with my racket, who had been my best friend since the time, she came into my life, as a prize in one of the local tournaments! Before that I used to dream of her day and night, coming to my life like a princess on a horse and winning all the matches for me! A yonex brand, sea blue colour, she was a perfect match to my versatile personality. We became best friends and we shared a sublime relationship, despite the fact that we both possessed characteristics of two opposite state of beings. However the one thing that did connect us was the spirit that resided within us, the two spirits which would find themselves in close proximity when the match began, their bonds strengthening with every passing shot. We started our adventurous endeavour from the time we met each other, on a momentous district tournament in Lake club! Everyone expressed their appreciation for my performance with a loud applause, followed by the prize ceremony, the time I got my beloved racket, who I designated as the princess bound to change my life forever!!

Coming back to the game in Ordinance club...My best friend (the racket) seemed calm about losing the first game, seeing it as a warm-up and a means of analysing the shortcomings of my opponent. However, I found myself standing under the bright white and yellow lights, tension building up in my fatigued muscles and a doubt pouring in to my thoughts -shall I win or lose, shall conquer or shall I be defeated. The play of light as it fell on my racket, gave me the impression of a warm comforting smile. She cheered me by giving me this smile and urging me to confidently start the next game! To the surprise of many, that day, I did win the match and the junior girls championship tournament in Ordinance and my best friend hugged me and made me feel at the top of the world!! That night when we were returning home in the minibus with mother, my magical friend shimmered under the moonlight, encouraging me to grow in the game, through the state and national levels!

Me and my best friend partnered towards many laurels and tournaments for the next few years, in various categories in the state and the national championships!! She always stood by me, through various challenges and many hurdles which we traversed together. Her friendship through my childhood and adotlhood was one of the best company, I could have asked for! I give her credit for all my victories on the court and also off the court; which were made possible due to her support. The best lessons that I learnt from her are being true to the spirit of friendship, through encouragement -unconditional patronage, ever smiling -positive demeanour, strong in hours of chaos -crisis, words of wisdom-advice during hours of confusion, understanding and being a team at all times...The most important lesson that I learnt from the adventures I had with my racket is that behind every successful achiever is a appreciative -believing and committed spirit, (ABC Spirit) who could be from the world of existing -non-existing or inanimate ...

Who is your ABC Spirit? Let us know in the comments section...(The first ten to write their story will get to be featured in our MONDAY MUTUALISM know more about the program write to us -

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