Power Vs Empower in Relationships...

As a child each one of us wanted to quickly grow up and manage our own life space. Then we realised that the parents we were trying to grow out of, has been replaced by others who try to control our lives ...friends, family supervisor, our environment or even our idiosyncrasies. In all our relationships where we feel controlled, overpowered, dictated, powerless, no matter how beneficial it maybe makes us claustrophobic. Our constant chase in life for power is more for freedom, than for anything else. We all essentially feel with POWER comes freedom...and soon we realise that it is far from true.

In life we feel that we would like to control others by virtue of our power, however little we realise that power when based on restriction of one's freedom doesn't really last for long.

Whereas when we have the ability to step back and empower others we have a lasting impact in a person's life. Nobody really enjoys being a puppet, no matter how appealing are the perks!! In times to come for the gen y and z, the way of leadership and also authority will work when the leader decides to empower others rather than exert their power. Liberty is one of the biggest gifts, and empowerment makes it successful.

A feeling of being dictated -controlled -dependent can definitely undermine any relationship.

What do you enjoy in your relationships power of control or facilitating independence through empowerment & support.

3 Ways to choose empowerment over power in all relationships:

  1. Allow others space to be themselves with their innate values and beliefs rather than being in struggle to change them. Every person has a unique persona and when you can experience and enjoy them the way they are relationship becomes a celebration.

  2. Support their vision and contribute without exerting demands -commands to rule their life. When you subtly create an environment of support without feeling pride you are creating a lasting bond. Relationships thrive best when it has a equal ground and not when you exert your de facto power.

  3. Nurture your ability to empower others through skills of listening, sharing resources, enhancing others with skills-competence, intending well being and rendering service. Empowerment strengthens every relationship with mutual long term returns. Power is transient

What's your experience of empowerment in your own life? Do you enjoy power or empowerment in your relationships...Do share your thoughts on these two attributes and how they impact your life...

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