Our Gestures can facilitate wellbeing...

It was a bright sunny morning and everyone in the house seemed all excited, to catch up on the India Pakistan match at home. The dogs were in a gleeful mood running around the garden trying to chase the houseflies and the butterflies, maybe in attempt to converse about the latest news about the environmental happenings around the world. Amidst all the actions, in a busy day, Sultan the white and grey striped cat was as usual relaxing after the sumptuous morning breakfast!! Nice cool breeze blowing in the springtime with beautiful flowers blooming all around was a rejuvenating site, to catch up in weekend after the crazy hussle during the week. Everyone in the neighborhood around Marathahalli also confined themselves at home for the relaxing sunday with a eventful cricket match being telecast in the television. The social media handles also seemed to be relatively quiet, due to the pressure of catching up on the programs for the day. The lady of the house was busy putting together her best biriyani recipe for the sunday special and the children engrossed in following the ten commandments of the school to ensure their grades won't cause any issues at home! Precisely then a message popped up on whatsapp about someone's cat being bullied by the street dogs. The cat was a black with orange and white patches all over...the description sure seemed like Shunti the other princess of the household. This caused a sudden panic not only in the community whatsapp, it also stirred the activities at home. The little girl who seemed most attached to the cats ,dogs and the environment at large was almost in tears with her face turning pale in fear of what's in store for her favourite soul. Every morning her prime motivation of starting the day was to see her pets and the plants around swinging in blissful mood and singing in communion with each other.

Mother and daughter ran to the scene of crime near the football grounds, where some noble souls had already assembled to rescue the cat. The cat was inside the drain and could barely be seen, however the women were relieved to rule out the possibility that it was Shunti. The security guards were trying their best, to convey to the distressed cat, that they had only good intentions to provide some kind of relief to the bleeding cat. The cat kept going into the drain to find a safe haven, however since he was in a dreadful state, it was important to get medical help on SOS basis. While the calls were being made to the closeby vet Dr. Lohita from Bangalore Pet hospital, the security managed to pull the cat out of the drain. The cat seemed to be in a terribly injured and exhausted condition, with multiple bruises and slight bleeding at his back. Though not related to the cat the little girl and her mother were extremely apprehensive about the the survival of the cat. The mother went up to one of the cat owners and asked in a worried tone, ' Would you be able to lend your pet carrier, I guess till the doctor comes we can take him home and give some milk and see if we can revive his life...' The gentleman was extremely kind and supportive and immediately got the carrier. Once they got the cat home everyone was taken aback and the dogs could sense, that they had a casualty patient at home. They kept the cat where Sultan was,who got petrified to see one of his fellow beings in wretched state and thus ran away...lest he face the same fate. While the family was preparing to rush the cat to the nearby hospital, as the doctor was taking too long, father fell down while running around to get things in place. Meanwhile, the cat was given some milk, however he seemed to be in terrible pain and barely able to breathe...at 630pm before he could get medical intervention, the soul left the stressed body. Later that evening the layout security and manager cremated the cat in a empty plot and completed the last rites. The little girl was in sorrow for the cat's tragic demise. That night while she was sleeping she saw the cat playing around under the blue azure sky in his own garden of flowers with several other cats dancing around. The cat in a joyous mood said, ' thanks for giving me a royal exit and making me feel, that someone is always there to care for us'.

Next morning though Sultan was missing, as he got really terrified to have seen his kind in such a disposition...Shunti hugged the little girl trying to share, that while the cat community pays their homage to the lost life, they appreciate the gesture of support from the other kind towards their wellbeing. However, the mother still sees the cat soul around, keeping all in good spirits!!

If your gestures could transform your environment, what would you wish to facilitate...

Thanks for reading our blogs and also sharing your thoughts and ideas!! We appreciate your support and appreciation!!

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