Monday's Motivation -Our Attitude Determines Our Achievement

No matter what we do in life, our attitude determines what we accomplish. Only 5% of population truly invest on developing the best attitudes which is the foundation of all great achievements. If you want something worthwhile you really need to build your attitude, as its the seed that you sow for the growth and prosperity, that you would like to experience. Whether its your professional -personal or social life everything depends on what is the attitude that you want to build around yourself. Good news is no matter where you are born -what education you have -or what happens around you, your attitude can be controlled by you. A good attitude starts with the decisions that you take for yourself.

Success or Failure is determined more by your attitudes rather than your intelligence or your genius In fact your happiness is only achieved when you are focused on an attitude of facilitating happiness for people around you. Those only are happy who are focused on an object other than themselves or improvement of conditions around them.

People most often get into a loop of corroborating everything in accordance to what they have or not have rather than faith on what is it that they would like to achieve.

3 Things that you could start doing to have a ATTITUDE that can support your growth are :

  1. Believe You are ALREADY who you DESIRE TO BE - Starting by being who you really want to be is the beginning of the attitude journey. It's important that you start being the person who has the successes that you envisage for yourself. As per Dilts Model of NEUROLOGICAL levels, BELIEFS are are critical and it all starts with your PURPOSE. Robert Dilts' hierarchical model of 'neurological levels'. emphasises on the IDENTITY that you have for yourself before you achieve your goals. This attitude from where you start determines whether or not you are capable enough to reach your destination. The Dilts pyramid is a model of personal change. It consists of a series of levels, each of which is constituted from, while also constraining, the one below. Hence, your capabilities define which behaviours you are able to engage in. And you only gain new capabilities by engaging in new behaviours.

  2. Treat Every Person in LIFE the way you WANT TO BE TREATED - To make yourself into A MAGNET to your desires, how you treat others is important for your fate to work, through your actions that you take today. Our attitude towards others determines what we constantly build around ourselves. Treat everyone around you as the most important person you have ever met, and you shall find the best things around you start manifesting. At a deeper level we are all connected; so negativity towards others is negativity towards self. Seeing the best in others is an attitude that you can constantly practice as a skill, to ensure you are planting the best seeds for your personal growth.

  3. Radiate Optimism and Positivity instead of Complaints -Your environment is a reflection of how you conduct yourself. If you invest positivity and enthusiasm so shall you experience. Your actions are also an extension of your attitude, Concept of living in the end is an important way of acting in our day to day life. Once we accept that, our wish has been granted without any doubt, our journey smoothens and we prosper in our actions to thereby live the life of our plans. Drop your doubts, or noise of other peoples' opinions to ensure a smooth journey.

What is YOUR ATTITUDE today? Is that making you feel EMPOWERED -ENTHUSIASTIC -ENERGETIC -ENGAGED or is it disempowering -depressed or decadent ...An empowered state can be your path to goal accomplishment effortlessly...

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