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Monday has always been a challenging day for me, whether in school -work -sporting days or travel, it gives me the feeling that something on earth has gone wrong, and the same humans who are so happy and obliging during weekend turn into aliens during the week!!!

None the less some of my friends are a pro at handling the typical Monday morning blues! In fact all my friends are very unique with multiple talents and they have been my professors in real life; in some way or the other. However Savita has always surprised me with her way of life!! A chartered accountant by profession working in Fortune 500 organisation, handling all kind of complex financial decisions and challenges during the day, and ever energised tutor by the evening.

One evening we sat over a cup of tea, and I asked her, 'Savita, how do you sustain your energy through the day and then in the evening with family and household chores!!' To my surprise she said, 'I believe in JUST DO! Meticulous one time planning and following an involuntary routine, like the body's critical systems, which operate naturally.''This was a very interesting perspective I had ever heard. Since then I learnt one of my valuable lessons to stay motivated. Meticulously plan your present and future, so that everyday can become involuntary...where you don't need to THINK-STRESS-WORRY, you can operate on a day to day basis with complete satisfaction. It's a simple way of leading work life, yet the most powerful motivational tool that you can leverage.

3 Simple steps for ''Meticulous Planning'' and staying motivated are following:

  1. Work out the long term plan and create an involuntary routine, which won't require day to day deliberations, stressing and thinking to achieve goals.

  2. Enjoy every moment as the best memory, as we are not aware how many moments can we really create and cherish. Living in the moment to create memory is the best utilisation of time.

  3. Your best partner in designing your meticulous plan, could be the universe, your guardian angels, your prayers, your gods...however taking the support of your trusted forces is the sheer way leading your magical journey.

What motivates you to start the week on a Monday and see the best version of yourself? Do connect with us if you are feeling stuck in your journey, our mentors can support your meticulous planning and goal accomplishments.

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