Monday Motivation| Life is Long if you LIVE every moment|

We all are so caught up in our daily livelihood management, that we forget to enjoy our moments of joy! Our entry and exit on life's vibrant stage is something unknown, our dialogues most often include complaints against self, others, and sometimes the almighty. Our collection of props are always adding to the clutter that we keep hoarding, our ego is that of supernatural avatars, our costumes-makeups very well planned appropriate to occasions, our settings are predetermined, and yet there is a reluctance to the advice of the director, which is nothing but our wise GOD within.

In the PANIC - PANDEMONIUM - PARASITIC need to be doing the best with our life, we keep losing our time every day. How does it matter how much or what we collect, ultimately the joy is only a transient moment which most often escapes our consciousness because of the lack of awareness. Today, we lost a close friend, and the fear that life is running out again hits our radar. Life is sure going to give in someday, let's ensure we do justice to our today without regrets -remorse or resistance. Let us express our deepest joy and gratitude for every moment that we had in past, we live in today or in the future. Our MIND IN MOMENT is our greatest power to create a world of happiness - health and harmony.

9 Ways to LIVE life at the moment, THOUGHTS -PLANS -ACTIONS,

  1. Think of your DREAMS -DESIRES -DEDICATIONS -Thoughts become things! Thus it's critical we always think of dreams that inspire us and take us further in our calling in life. Desires are an extension of our values, beliefs...when we desire something which is in sync with our overall mission in life, we are able to dedicate ourselves to the follow-through. Our thoughts on dedicating our being to an appropriate dream of life keep us in a moment even in our daydreams. :)

  2. Think ideal SITUATIONS -SURROUNDINGS -SOULS you want around you -When our thoughts are designing the situations -surroundings and souls we want to manifest, we are able to feel safe in our moments. These thoughts are also critical as they eventually enable and empower us to choose to be effective in our every moment. :)

  3. Think of things you want to LEARN -LOVE -LEGACY -Thinking about things we would love to learn and thereby create a legacy is of prime meaning in every moment. If we have clarity on things we love and why we love them, we learn better and as an outcome create a legacy with that experience.:)

  4. Plan your PURPOSE -PREPARATION AND PEACE - If we can plan our purpose and the preparation for our short-term & long-term goals we can enjoy peace in our everyday moment. We need not feel rushed or hurried when our plans are aligned to our purpose -preparation and thus we can feel peaceful at the moment.

  5. Plan your HAPPINESS -HEALTH -HARMONY - Scientific research has shown that happy people are healthy and in harmony with their environment. Thus it's critical to plan our happiness on a moment-to-moment basis to ensure a strong immune system and health. This, in turn, ensures our harmonious existence with the rest of the universe.:)

  6. Plan your MOVEMENT -MEANING - MANIFESTATION --Every moment can be planned and executed with aware intentions which culminates a movement towards meaningful living in our everyday life. And this helps us manifest our planned objectives. :)

  7. Action your JOURNEY -JOY -JOURNALS -Our journey in life is determined by how we live every moment. We often are too preoccupied with the destination, thus staying in an action of the joyful journey can help us cherish finer things in life. Journaling our observations of this journey makes it even more joyful.:)

  8. Action your CREATIONS -COLLABORATIONS -COMMITMENTS -Human beings are created in the image of God, thus creation is one of the natural skills that we all have. The more we practice these skills the better every moment becomes for us. Consistent and committed collaboration with others also enhances the value of every moment.:)

  9. Action your DETERMINATIONS -DESTINATIONS -DELEGATIONS -Finally staying the course ,determined to joyfully journey to the destination captures every moment's success. However, while we do so we should also delegate the actions, to mature in the process and ensure that the moment continues for eternity...:)

What are some of your tools to LIVE LIFE IN THE MOMENT, and optimize your time on earth...

Following are some of the reads that can help your further to enjoy living in the now:

Living in the Moment: Don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future. Simply BE in the present with mindfulness meditations

The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have (20th Anniversary Edition)

10-Minute Mindfulness: 71 Habits for Living in the Present Moment

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