Monday Motivation| Baby Steps to your Goal|

Any goal has many steps before you accomplish it, and to sustain becomes the biggest challenge. What are the small ways, one can use to stay the course is sometimes the biggest challenge to define... Sports I feel has the best lessons for this. If you want to be in competitive sports, it all starts with your focus on your MIND and BODY. Train your body and mind to the disciplined state that you desire, while progressing towards your goal. My coaches always wanted to see what I have done for the day, to be able to progress in the course or even in preparation towards the goal.

As a leader when you are working towards a concept or project which takes faith -effort, and patience to come to life; everyday activities are crucial to accomplish. These everyday activities are the BABY STEPS that you need to work through to reach your final goal. Motivation is all about keeping a mindset in which, you can achieve your daily quota of Baby-steps. Splitting every goal into baby steps or daily targets and a routine that leads to final achievement.

9 Steps to creation and achievement of your baby steps:

  1. Mind-map of Goals and targets - Once you have the goal, splitting the same into half-yearly -quarterly and monthly activities can ensure that on a day-to-day basis you are focused on completion of every baby step. Motivation with a complete roadmap is a sure way to progress towards every goal.

  2. Think less ACT more - Once the activities are in place it's all about daily execution. Thinking too much can come in the way of implementation so forge ahead with the action steps.

  3. Course Correction -Every time things don't give the desired results, look at the course corrections. Instead of getting caught up with your challenges.

  4. Books of Motivation as tools -Make a list of motivational and inspirational books that helped you in the past. Each day, read at least a few pages from one of the books. If you have never read a book that motivated you, start reading one now. Ask friends about such books, or search for them on the Internet.

  5. Movies as tools -Instead of watching movies that you will forget , and watch movies that can trigger motivation in you.

  6. Success Stories & Quotes - Make a list of inspiring quotes and read them often, especially in the morning before going to work, and at night, before going to sleep. You can write to us @ for your daily affirmations pdf.

  7. Create Dream -Vision Board -Collect photos of things you want to do or own and look at them often to get inspired and motivated.

  8. Surround yourself with Motivating People -Seek the company of people who have an uplifting effect on you and try to avoid the company of negative people who try to drag you down intentionally or unintentionally.

  9. Design Affirmations that inspire -Repeat positive affirmations relating to your goal. If you don’t know what affirmations are or how to use them, write to us for the affirmations pdf.

Do share with us your methods to staying the course and achieving your goals. What are some of the tools that has worked for you? Do share with us.

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