Monday Motivation|9 Ways to Internal Motivation Path|

In the context of learning, intrinsic motivation is motivation that stems not from external factors like appreciation, rewards or recognitions but rather from genuine interest and ambition. Like altruism, it assumes no reward. But – like altruism – it is difficult to corroborate. Though there are different schools of thought in this regard. However most pertinent is that we are most dedicated to a path when we are internally motivated and otherwise may not be sustainable, as the moment the external environment, which is mostly volatile changes the personal motivation to strive towards the direction disappears.

Dan Pink, business management consultant and former speechwriter for Al Gore, thinks intrinsic motivation is the most important reason a person does what they would like to pursue. And what’s alarming here is that our business operating system – think of the set of assumptions and protocols beneath our business, how to motivate people how to apply our human resources – it’s built entirely around these extrinsic motivators, around carrots and sticks.“That’s actually fine for many kinds of 20th century tasks, but for 21stcentury tasks, that mechanistic, reward and punishment approach doesn’t work.”

The same is true in an academic environment as it helps students to align, to what they truly enjoy doing, then career is not a drudgery to earn a living, it's more a pursuit of what gives them internal happiness and satisfaction.

9 Ways to cultivate intrinsic motivation are ...

  1. Work for personal MASTERY -When you are working for personal mastery, then more than external approval you are working towards personal excellence in your chosen path.

  2. Goals aligned to Purpose -Anything which you do is related to your personal purpose of life. Focus working towards the greater good, or something larger than self, may have an easier time staying motivated.

  3. Focus is happiness based and not livelihood based - When focus is aligned to your happiness you automatically do what makes you happy internally.

  4. Vision Board -Creating a vision board at your view at your desk or one of your most visible walls can support you journey. You can in fact keep two walls one to showcase pictures of your dreams and another to celebrate each of your accomplishments.

  5. Understand that LIFE is limited TIME - When you understand life is given to you to serve while you are here and experience your gifts while you do so, you realise that's the best utilisation of your time. Since we are not aware of our time, why not dedicate ourselves to celebrate ourselves and our fellow beings.

  6. Create your OWN cheerleaders -Your cheerleaders spectrum can be as wide as you desire it to be. Your family -friends -pets -plants or anything that gives you joy of being alive.

  7. Align to your TALENTS and not your tragedies -We all sometimes wish we were born to Tatas and Birlas however fact is that we are born with different talents, benefits and journey of life supports our exploration to live the same. Also our present conduct in this life would determine what -where and why, we are in our next life or even at different phases in current life. So start arranging the blocks today, to deserve what you aspire for whether its ...spiritual -financial -relationships or even adventure.

  8. Keep your Curiosity like a child and yearning like a Yogi -When you are curious about your path and also willing to stay on with a single minded focus you are automated to be internally driven. Likewise a Yogi is always in dhyana -dharana to experience the final samadhi state where he is detached from the world yet connected.

  9. Flow -Float - Fly - Experience the takeoff of yourself, through Flow -Float and thus create a great flight!! You can get into flow when you immerse yourself into your craft. Sense of time disappears in this zone. Continuous flow state takes you to float state where you feel bliss and this takes you to your flight state.

Wish you a fantastic week experiencing the internal sense of POWER -PURPOSE -PEACE!!!

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