Mirror mirror on the wall... is the mirror's judgement clouding your conviction...

In the chase of life we are constantly comparing ourselves to others, and creating an inadequate image of ourselves. 'Mirror mirror' analogy is from the infamous fairytale, Snow White, where the queen was instrumental in making herself a victim in how she measured her value and thereby ruined her value...In spite of being all powerful she concocted herself into a villany victim.

Are you doing things in life to prove to the external world who you are, using irrelevant parameters to measure your worth...or are you driven by your inner wisdom of your purpose on this planet. We all can have a beautiful existence in our own kingdom-ecosystem, if only we nurtured our inner compass! Your desire accomplishment has nothing to do with, who thinks what of you, competition taking it away or who gives what to you... your connectivity to your GPS within, is what decides how well you are doing on your operating system. In fact in many ways the inner script that you create for yourself is what is reflected back to you by the mirror ( mirror is representation of your conscience -society -critics etc)

6 Ways to use the mirror to stay positive and build your own conviction or clarity:

  1. Regular practice of staying in touch with your inner voice. Any judgement can be useful in terms of going into deep introspection within, to see if, it has any relevance and strengthening your conviction.

  2. Taking time out to build yourself, invest in your growth... to establish in yourself, what you would like to see or practice. We all are an evolving story, if we truly want to work on ourselves, every phase of life gives us the opportunity to refine and mature our latent potentials and powers.

  3. Start valuing yourself and your contributions no matter how humble they maybe...value all around you.

  4. Admire and appreciate attributes, qualities that others have, this is a sure way of emulating their good traits or adopting them in yourself. What you highlight and magnify about others becomes part of you, so stay clear of any negative aspects as that has an adverse effect on you.

  5. Create a script of your ideal self, amidst a positive and supportive environment.

  6. Keep exploring your natural superpowers, as each one of us, have been blessed with them, and can leverage them to serve our kingdom, to be a better place for us to thrive and contribute.

Do share with us what your mirror is telling you ...How you would like to work on them.

Also what's your ideal script for yourself...Have you found your superpowers...

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