COVID Learnings...that would transform our lives forever

In the wake of 2020 when COVID Pandemic hit the world we had learnings which sometimes don't happen even in an entire lifetime!!! All of sudden we realised that OUR TIME is limited in the world, to do -act -create -love -celebrate...No matter how much pride we have on our titles, talents, possessions we would have to leave them behind!! During our lives we are only known by our decorations of our pride and prized possessions; and the uncertainty in the exit time keeps us in the bubble of our immortality. For the first time the exit time seemed to be preponed, we all of sudden were at risk, threat and mercy of an unknown miniscule virus!!! Victim to VIRUS which was inconsequential so far, was actually determining our destiny of survival!! We are in fact still powerless pray to threats of many more unknown factors that control our lives.

Economic -Social -Emotional -Physical -Well being impacts due to pandemic, lockdown and overall uncertain market conditions made us vulnerable in many ways. All of sudden COVID seemed like the only diseases that can kill...

In spite of such horrific experience we also learnt some lessons, that's to make our life happy -healthy and harmonious in times to come.

9 COVID LESSONS, if learnt can make life a celebration till we traverse the earth and a smooth exit:

  1. One falls in the grave that one digs for others, so we need to think before we even think of any harm for at universe level we are all connected and we are always the first victim of our own poison. Coronavirus which is presumed to have originated from Wuhan (China) was a part of research in Germ warfare techniques. China has been possibly working on the same as a threat to rest of the world was its first victim.

  2. Chase of the Mirage diminishes our ability to see our gifts -When we are in external locus of control, our inner gifts, blessings and all that we have created in our life is literally invisible. We are so busy asking for more that we forget to cherish what we already matter how humble they maybe.

  3. Our immunity is an outcome of how we nurture our PHYSICAL -EMOTIONAL -MENTAL -SPIRITUAL being. If we subject ourselves to inconvenient environments where we are constantly stressed in dynamics due to our greed or unrealistic desires...we stress our mind which eventually creates stress -sadness and cortisol which adversely impacts our health. Good to have desires or dreams, however one needs to be at a balanced and detached mode even while pursuing them, to enjoy the journey and be in harmony.

  4. Being in a STATE OF LOVE with fellow beings -the universe and importantly our work -Unconditional love is the foundation of a healthy body-mind-soul.

  5. Service to everyone around you, by way of your expertise -talent or resources -When we serve others,(including animals -plants- environment) life is joyful as blessings from all sources come to us naturally. Service to others who can't do anything for us is in fate of only the fortunate.

  6. Our current costume in life is for a purpose which is based on our responsibilities towards others, however it's its just a role. Every other role or costume is equally important in society, bottom line we are here to be of service to others, and thus a servant...So if we are spiritually evolved we would be able to value our fellow beings much more and not be consumed in our pride.

  7. Humble living is the greatest gift one can give to oneself - When our habits and lifestyles are not lavish or glorious and we stay grounded its simple to cherish our blessings and be grateful.

  8. We are our greatest allies and we need to spend some time with the most amazing company ourselves. This could be in journaling, yoga, nature walks, enjoying our ecosystem or even prayers. Also sometimes we need to deal things by ourselves.

  9. Inner Peace & Joy through meditation practice. The Old Testament says, “Be still and know that I am God.” The New Testament says that the Kingdom of Heaven is within. The Indian Vedic tradition says that Ananda, or bliss, lies at the heart of creation. So doing the inner work can activate instant joy and peace.

Do share with us what have been your lessons. Also would love to know if you had practiced some of the above too.

Looking forward to your thoughts...

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