How to stay calm and stable in difficult times of uncertainty...

The PANDEMIC of 2020 and also the RECESSION of 2008 are two major episodes which have taught us that stability and sanity in midst of uncertainty is one of the important signs of a successful leader -individual and citizen. Life keeps throwing challenges which helps us understand that we need to adapt and innovate, as we go along life, at no point in time can we be complacent.

In the face of uncertainty, it’s helpful to create as much certainty in our life as possible, so that we are able to appreciate the best in the circumstances. This means creating certainty in every aspect of personal -professional -emotional and intellectual of our being. Focusing on things that give us a sense of well-being, is special priority, during these times.

In the new normal a lot is changing every single day, and sometimes we feel that we really deserve more than dealing with certain circumstances, however identifying opportunities and creating new game plans can be very impactful at these uncertain times. A lot of businesses are letting go of people however many others are looking at options of preserving their tacit knowledge and also looking at options of hiring the best available, to take their business to new level of success. One can always find a hidden opportunity in every disaster that befalls mankind. We can decide which mindset we want to opt for FEAR -FAILURE or FAITH -FUN.

The 3Cs which are GREAT WAYs to OPT FOR OPTIMISM are :

  1. Cultivate Faith in journey and destiny is taken care of... We sometimes over exert on the destiny and when -how, we would be reach there the process we ruin the journey. However it's only the present that we have for sure, and sure way to cultivate faith is to rejoice and cherish it. FAITH can build fantasy for us, that we may not have fathomed, so rather than using our intelligence to hurt ourselves, we can use it to create what we want bits and pieces...For our goals, we can always create a detour.

  2. Celebrate the ray of hope every moment during the uncertainty ...Where focus goes ENERGY it has a multiplier effect on our outcomes. Very often when we practice GRATITUDE, we see givers around us become compassionate or there are new ones born!!!

  3. Consult with the INNOVATIVE POSITIVE OPTIMISTIC Souls, who almost always, have something amazing to share even when NOSTRADAMUS PREDICTS the END OF EARTH!!! They will give many reasons to rejoice and enjoy!!

What is your leadership approach -APPRECIATION or APPREHENSION ....How does your style or approach make you feel about your ecosystem and your life in general. Our FORTUNE Veteran Consultants -Coaches can support you to explore your PERFECT OPPORTUNITY even in the gravest of phases. For more you can book a FREE chemistry session in the link below:

See you on the other side in celebration!!!

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