How to LEARN for continuous GROWTH...

As human beings are like learning machines, and learning is a way of life for us... We learn in many ways through observation, awareness, listening, viewing and by practice or supporting others. We have the innate ability to learn consciously or unconsciously. In fact the famous management trainer Martin Broadwell describes the model as 4 levels of competence where we move from unconscious incompetence -conscious incompetence - conscious competence to finally unconscious competence.

However for continuous growth, learning is the foundational activity. So this is deliberate attempt to acquire skills and competence is the ability to induce a learning trajectory that can facilitate growth and knowledge in a certain domain. A lot of passive learning happens in the environment through our day to day lives. Nonetheless deliberate learning is what really helps us in creating learning ecosystem that helps us pick up skills and behaviours that are goal oriented supports us in accomplishing our vision.

Any growth is just a learning away, so when you are able to identify the gaps, it's all about planning the learning process and methodologies. Learning can be achieved through a combination of courses, shadowing, mentors, reading, practice, volunteering or even listen to audio materials.

6 Ways to facilitate deliberate conscious learning are:

  1. Create a compelling VISION: This surely helps us in diagnosis of gaps and there by planning what are the areas of learning that we need to plan. Clarifying a learning goal is very powerful step in context to the learning journey.

  2. Having an INTENSE DESIRE to learn is the other important element to facilitate conscious learning. Adult learning and andragogy is all about connecting your need to the learning process.

  3. Joining specific COMMUNITY of learning to accelerate the process -When you are amongst people of the same choice and need of growth and learning, the process becomes even simpler.

  4. Strategize, Organize, the learning -To organize the information to be learnt is critical in the learning life cycle. The ability to constantly explore methodologies to organize the learning supports the process.

  5. REVIEW TO RETAIN -Very often if the learnt information is not revised in 24 hours the learning points soon lose relevance. This 24-hour window is called the “forgetting curve.” Basically, what it means is this: unless you review the material you’ve just learned, you’ll forget most of it after the first 24 hours—and you’ll continue to lose more over the days that follow. This leaves you with a fraction of what you learned initially.

  6. APPLY & TEACH the learnt elements for best results - Once you start applying and teaching your learning it becomes a muscle memory that stays with you forever.

Do you still feel the need to learn? What are your learning practices for your personal and professional growth? Has the new normal triggered any learning desires in you...Look forward to know more about your growth strategies...

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