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From birth till death we are all surrounded by never-ending desires. While desires -dreams and determinations are good for overall excitement in life. One enjoys satisfaction -soulfulness only when one practices FRUGALITY as a VIRTUE. Frugality is using only what is important to us and not indulging in unnecessary pursuits and needs. Life's unrest starts when we are too engrossed in constantly feeling our dissatisfaction and duplicating various requirements which may not have any role in our lives.

There is no substitute to living a satisfied and simplified life. In one of my recent studies, I came across studies that India as a nation has both extremes -the extreme waste of food -energy -resources on one side and experience of extreme lack in certain situations or geographies.

Frugality, if practiced properly, you'll be able to prioritize the things that matter to you most. You'll prioritize spending focus-energy & resources on those things that matter and cut back on spending in other areas. Luckily, frugality can mean very different things to different people. Frugality does not need to mean trading your favorite Lucky Charms cereal for the generic store brand. It does not need to mean living without napkins. And it does not need to mean forgoing adventurous vacations in favor of a staycation. The best part about frugality is that you are able to create your own approach. In fact its awareness of your choices that make the quality of your life. Sometimes, we are just drawn to things and waste a lot of our energy without realising its importance to our value system.

If you have never attempted to live this lifestyle, then it may seem difficult at first. That’s okay! Don’t be afraid to make some changes along the way. As you start to try out different frugal tips and tricks, remember that this is not a one size fits all strategy.

Instead, you will need to try out different frugal living tips and see how they feel. You may find that giving up meals, is not a problem, but forgoing your favourite brand of shampoo is not going to be an option. Simply try new frugal tips and strategies out with an open mind. You will likely need to do some experimenting to find the balance that works best for you. It is critical that you don’t overdo it. Although it is exciting to enthusiastically cut down your various desires without mercy, too many cutbacks could lead to a backfire. Instead being judicious and building a long term priorities list, can support a satisfied and natural flow in life.

A good way to start living frugally is to add new frugal tips and strategies slowly. Try them out to see how they feel. If you like a strategy, then keep it and add another. If you hate a strategy, then let it go and try something else. You may need to try many strategies before you truly find your frugal stride.

6 Frugal ways that could clear mental space can try them to see your comfort in them...

  1. Building Strong Inner Circle -Decide on your inner circle of friends and family who are contributing and supportive towards your overall purpose of life. This helps cutting down any unnecessary pursuit every second day, in form of long term deep relations. As people take time to build a rapport and understanding, which happens over the years. Thus a strong circle also enables your wellbeing.

  2. Clearing All Clutter - Sometimes we carry a lot of clutter in various forms that don't serve us. So slowly sorting what is clutter in life is very critical to your living and final departure.

  3. Investing in Long term -When you invest your time -effort -finances in long term you are not impatient on a day to day basis, with a sense of gambling results. Thus alignment to your values, while doing so it gives you a sense of progress beyond time, thus creating a legacy of your own. Van Gogh used his entire life in pursuit of his only purpose to express his creativity...while his fame was realised only after his demise, his legacy still remains.

  4. Explore Personal Awareness -Being aware of your single minded purpose, values, virtues and beliefs you stand for. Suppose your are caught in dichotomy redefine your awareness with regard to your being. For example if you follow the teachings of Swami Vivekananda and then you indulge in behaviours of Trump you create a lot of unrest in yourself and also in your environment. Thus knowing yourself is one of our fundamental steps to frugality, nothing is right or wrong it's all about alignment to your core to have a more fulfilling life.

  5. Simplification to Experience Abundance -When we are leading life with a constant lack and in need, we are ignoring the abundance which we have in our environments and your inner soul. Thus simplifying need to be more abundant in feeling -experience and actions is achieved.

  6. Recycle -Reuse -Remodel -Rearrange -To have the ability to recycle -reuse -remodel and rearrange is a talent that can help you cherish creativity and celebration. It can support humble living in peace -prosperity and purposeful existence. Whether its your inner or external resources everything can yield better with reconfiguration.

Wish you a FRUGAL & FANTASTIC living in the now!!!

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