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We very often feel compromised due to our restrictions in life. Especially during the covid times, we have realized what FREEDOM is... due to the life-threatening virus around us. In fact, the misuse of freedom during these times has also impacted the whole world. As soon as the new normal started people across started indulging in too many travels, parties, etc which in turn brought back the virus and its severity in our surroundings.

Freedom also needs to be handled with care; as one person's freedom shouldn't be a curse for the other. However, trying to dictate others is another extreme. Freedom, in fact, is a virtue only a few have access to. It's one of the best gifts in life that, we can create access to, only through our mindset and ability to let go of what we feel shackled with, it could be circumstances, people, thoughts, or even limitations.

Like everything FREEDOM also comes with a price tag, the price of engaging with consistency -courage, compassion, and commitment to our cause. We often come across people who cry about the lack of freedom to be themselves every day, yet when it comes to taking action they are reluctant. If one wants freedom one needs to be compliant with appropriate actions for the same. We create our VICTIM image, by staying in situations that curb our freedom, it could be because of our own thought process that puts us in this trap...

6 Ways to enjoy FREEDOM in life:

  1. Respect freedom of others - When you start respecting the fact that people around you are also free to opt for their own freedom; you become more aware that you can exercise yours. Also applying caution that your freedom doesn't impact others negatively.

  2. Exit from Situations that cause distress or unhappiness - Our wellbeing is our primary responsibility, anything that subjects us to a feeling of unhappiness is not worth our time. Complaining and being in such a situation doesn't serve your freedom journey, unless, we decide to change our perspective and stop complaining about the same. A typical example could be our job or a relationship...when we don't enjoy yet endure, we need to reconfigure our mind to accept it with its shortcomings,

  3. Define what FREEDOM means to you -For different people, freedom implies different things...thus it's critical to understand what's your definition of freedom and how you would like to create the same.

  4. Freedom of Habits that jeopardize our path -At times we are shacked by our own habits which take away our freedom. Too much indulgence in gossip or lethargy or even expectations cripples our freedom. Thus being conscious of our own minds and habits can help us to be freer in life.

  5. Courage for Authenticity -Sometimes in our pursuit of approval and appreciation we let go of our authenticity which in the long run deprives us of our freedom. So it's good to understand between authenticity and habits that we would like to inculcate in ourselves.

  6. Freedom of Choices -We all have access to various choices, however, when these choices are not in alignment with our personal values or beliefs we feel that we have lost our freedom. Thus our choices are experiments that give us the constant ebb and flow between freedom and bondage...The more aware we are of our alignment with our values -beliefs and happiness the better choices we can make, and enable our freedom.

Do you enjoy freedom in your MIND -SPACE -REALITY or are you shackled by certain walls that you have created around yourself...Do share with us your perspective about FREEDOM...

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